8 Most Downloaded Apps For Android

8 Most Downloaded Apps For Android

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Ever thought of how many android apps would make it to the top list of most downloaded apps? Well, you weren’t quite far from the answer, since you have probably downloaded some if you are an android user. With that said many of us are surprised at times finding applications we never even heard about on the list of most downloaded apps. and such.

Check out which apps you don’t have and are probably missing out on the fun, the rest of the world is having.

8 Most Downloaded Android Apps Of Recent Years


This social media site has existed for more than 11 years. As it has quickly grown over the years, it has included some features that oblige us to appreciate it for. For instance, the constant birthday reminders, the safety check tool – which you will agree comes quite in handy in this war-filled age.

Of course, no one likes the one million friends we get through Facebook that never actually show up in real life hardships, but we can comfortably agree Facebook is more good than harm. It being the most downloaded android app, advertising on Facebook is definitely a wise thing a business person can do.

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Opera mini

This browser is among the top dominating browsers worldwide. The reasons as to why opera dominates are its fast speed and ability to save data usage. I don’t want to get into how this works really but, your internet bundles will last longer and your page will load faster.

Waiting for a page to load has to be the biggest test of patience and the biggest energy drainer even to the most psyched up persons. Also, you remember those ads that actually load before the actual pages load? Well yeah, opera mini-cures that! It has a new inbuilt feature that block ads. Now you see the reason as to why every human being is downloading it, not to mention the fact that opera allows you to browse in your preferred language.


This is where everyone goes to post their videos for a worldwide audience. This is a pit for all the trending videos from all the corners of the earth, – well you can’t be quite sure about videos from other planets. Well there is not much to say about YouTube as most of us already know.

One main point is that YouTube covers all the niches there can ever be and for this reason, it’s everyone’s stop. It takes a lot of data, but I can’t imagine anyone who is willing to be left out by the world’s trend, thus the mystery behind it being among most downloaded. Besides, most stars these days are realized from YouTube.


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Facebook messenger

This is an instant message app that allows you to continue with your Facebook friends chats right from the main website. It even allows group chats with your Facebook friends and usage of its great collection of stickers.

It also has giant emoticons that make conversations so lively and interesting. You can share files, images, videos, locations and voice notes through this messenger. You can also use the app to reach people on your contact list that are not on your Facebook friend list.

Google search

It’s a fast browser app. Google gives you sentence prediction while you attempt to search so you won’t have to type the whole sentence. Quite an ideal app for those who rely on voice messages since it has a voice search. This comes quite in handy most of the time.

With Google voice search, you can listen to music, ask for directions, reply to emails, give call contact commands, all this without typing anything. Google search not only searches on the web but also on your phone. The app also has Google now features that answers all the questions at hand so the user doesn’t have to conduct Google search anymore.

Google play

This is probably everyone’s first stop the minute they get a new phone. It’s a home for over a million popular apps and most are free. It allows a place for reviews of apps installed, and is open to the public, thus one can quickly go through before purchasing or downloading an app.

The app is easy to use and has categorized the other apps into a particular group so one can easily access them. The app also checks in with your age so that underage persons do not get access to the apps without guidance.


The top most web based email service app. This app lets you access the emails from your phone and reply to them at your choice of time. It has huge storage a capacity for its users and helps you search for a specific mail among your many emails.

The app also helps you start a new Gmail account for free and through very easy steps. The truth is this app is essential if your life runs around emails, especially for business reasons. The app allows the user to own and switch through multiple Gmail accounts and notifies you every time a new email pops up. These are valid enough reasons for people to download this app.


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Instagram is one of the most downloaded apps because of its ability to share up to millions of pictures with your friends and the world. It allows its user to access their Instagram pages right on their phones and post their snaps any time they want to.

The app notifies you in case of any new notification or messages from your Instagram page. Instagram comes with its own filters to add different tastes to your pictures and an option to directly take a snap while still on your page. Your Instagram account can also be linked to several other social media account enabling one post to be on those linked sites as well.

WhatsApp Messenger

It’s a messenger app for smartphones that uses the internet to send and receives messages. WhatsApp allows you to send files, contacts, images, audios and videos among others to anyone on your contact list who has installed WhatsApp.

It has a new feature of an end to end encryption for users, which simply means the conversations are strictly between the converses.


If you are reading this you already know which are the most downloaded apps of recent years. One thing that  they all have in common is that they are all free and quite accessible from Google play store. These are probably the apps we will brag about to the next generation, if technology keeps growing at its speedy rate. Even so, don’t be surprised if they still ranked high in the future with their constant renewal of features that we all love.


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