The Distinctive Features of Apple MacBook Pro 2016

The Distinctive Features of Apple MacBook Pro 2016


A few weeks ago technology giant Apple announced the release of its new MacBook Pro 2016, sparking a huge level of interest among its multitudes of die-hard fans. This release features three new laptops about to hit stores including 13-inch and 15-inch models, while in the same basket will also arrive another model that comes without a Touch Bar and the special Touch ID feature.

It’s been a while since Apple updated its staple MacBook Pro. Now that we can no longer wait to lay our hands on the new models, fears have been swept aside that the company’s arsenal of super high-end laptops astonishingly resemble previous models. There’s a whole world of differences, when you examine the features that have incredibly retained and defined the Retina MacBook for years.

The new MacBook, for starters, comes in what’s referred to as Space Gray option, complete with a more colorful, brighter display. It’s also slightly thinner and the hinge has been redesigned to fit in the changed size.

With their brightly colored Apple logos and classy aluminum bodies, MacBook’s are to be met everywhere from coffee shops to airport lounges to college dorms. The huge level of interest among Apple enthusiasts have been sparked by the revolutionary new design and innovation that was first seen in 2009, when Apple released the updated version of MacBook Pro.

When I was invited for a demo, and also a chance to take it home for a couple of days, I took note that in the past couple of years, MacBook Pro hasn’t delivered anything new apart from minor spec updates for instance more memory, newer Intel chips and faster Wi-Fi. So while we can ignore the model that lacks Touch ID, fearing it may be a poor buy. We may as well focus on one of the company’s beefier and more exciting models with a Touch Bar, just to experience the gorgeous new features, as well as critically assess its claim to fame. So without wasting more time, here are the features of Apple’s new MacBook Pro 2016:


Apple MacBook Pro 2016 –> Distinctive Features


1. The Touch Bar

Clearly the star highlight of the new MacBook pro, the Touch Bar not only distinguishes the laptop apart from other genres of Apple laptops, but also mainstream competitors in the industry.

Until you try it, you may not appreciate its new functionalities. Especially why it’s said to be better than the traditional Apple full touchscreen. But the Touch Bar is said to assist you get quick shortcuts to menus within applications, controls, emojis, brightness and music controls and many other functions. The flexibility enables developers to add any other sort of functionality and next in line is Adobe Photoshop, which is touted to be included with the Touch Bar functionality later in the year.

2. Its Thinner Than Other Macs

The new MacBook pro is 17-percent thinner than other models in the market and makes it one of the most powerful laptops of 2016.

It has a new Core i7 processor and an incredible 10 hour battery life. Apple execs claim that the entire footprint is 23 per-cent smaller compared to the previous 2009 laptop. For those business people who love travelling light, the new MacBook offers power coupled with economy in storage space.

3. New MacBook pro Features a Better Display (Retina)

With 67 percent brightness, Apples claims it features “the best Mac display ever.” Add this to 25 percent more colors. The screen comes much improved than the last release and video and photos editors will have a field day. Apple claims to do the impossible when producing a better display. That meant re-imagining all the elements to make it thinner and lighter but incorporates a superior display. Add to this sixth generation processors from Intel, faster flash storage space and improved graphics performance, making it a truly superior product.

Retina display is a homegrown Apple technology developed for screens with a high pixel density than its previous model. When in use, the user interface width doubles in height and width to compensate for the fewer pixels. Apple calls it HiDPI mode. The objective of Retina display is to make the display of images and text super crisp, to make the pixels not visible to the naked eye.

4. New MacBook Features Touch ID

The new MacBook comes with a Touch ID. Examples of user-friendly destinations for Touch ID is using your fingerprint to make secure payments if you encounter websites hosting Apple Pay.

A special chip in the motherboard is designed to keep all of your digital information encrypted and secure inside the laptop hard disc. Also it’s possible to switch between users. A user can easily tap his fingerprint on the Touch ID and manage to switch accounts within seconds.

5. The New MacBook is Lighter

The new MacBook is much lighter than previous MacBook’s previously produced. It’s 13 percent smaller than the MacBook Air, but in terms of weight, they weigh the same 3 pounds. This is good news for users who want something light but packed with; more power and a better display.

6. Customizable Keys with OLED Strip

Apple is reported to have implemented a concept called OLED strip on its new MacBook Pro. OLED is meant to take the place of the top row keys featuring “F”.

This is one of the main distinctive features meant to be revolutionary on the new MacBook Pro 2016.

7. USB-C Support

MacBook Pro 2016 will also introduce a new feature for USB-C ports that will allow connection to external devises, like external hardrives and displays.


8. New MacOS Sierra

Finally saved for last is the engine that drives this superb piece of technology. The new MacBook Pro will run on Apple’s new MacOs Sierra, which is expected to feature the latest improved specs.

Reference has been made to a “picture-in-picture” mode that allows user to watch a video in a separate window. Other new features include a Siri-voice activated assistant and also spacing saving features that incorporate iCloud.

Other specifications for the new MacBook Pro 2016 Touch Bar include:

§ Processor 2.6GH quad-core intel Core i7

§ Storage 256 GB SSD

§ Memory 16 GB

§ Graphics Intel 530

§ 10 Hour Battery Life


The only item Apple appear to have gotten rid of in the new MacBook Pro, that most people have come to associate with is the glowing Apple logo, on the outside. It has been the hallmark of pretty much every MacBook.

The glowing logo will no longer appearing instead it will have the glossy Apple logo that will not light up. Some critics say perhaps this has something to do with the updated technology of the device, which after all else is discussed makes it a worthy investment.


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