Stormfall Age of War Online Game!!

Stormfall Age of War Online Game!!


Can you remember the gameplay of “Age of Empire” which is considered as the first in class MMO strategy game? Stormfall Age of War has taken your experiences of playing this kind of games into a new height with eye luring graphics and numerous game enhancing functionalities and characters.

Exploring the depth of the game, reveals why it’s called one of the kings of massively multiplayer online games.

Like all online strategy games Stormfall Age of War is also all about optimum resource management and is to build a strong empire with strong economy and military power.

A Quick Overview of the Stormfall Age of War features

In the end, it’s all about how you plan your empire to grow. Playing same things become boring and pulling all the online strategy game lovers into single platform this MMO game has changed the way of playing.

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Some thumbs ups

Let’s focus on the points it proved itself best first. These points are the “why” you should try Stormfall MMO Fantasy Game once if you have been an ardent fan of online strategy games.

Isometric angles of the camera:  It has top-down isometric cameras- just like the father figure of its genre- “Age of Empires”.

Group Warfare: For multiplayer games, it’s a boon. You can form a league with your friends for group warfare. By this, you can hit your enemy hard even if you are a little bit weak.

Starting the Game

At the starting, the voice over tutorial is the first catch! The welcome notes with some tips are the first things you need to go through. It’s pretty straight forward and to the points.

Graphics of the game got some polishings and every detail of buildings, and all constructions are clearly visible. As a king, you need to build the town in such a way so that the resources around you can be used at the optimum level. For better use, you can get food, gold and iron which are gotten on a daily basis.

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A balanced Strategy is needed to excel

A simple point to remember- You are not to play the game as a warrior but as a clever politician and leader. You need to create a sustainable economy using the resources and need to maintain healthy relations with the neighbors. This kind of tactical advantages, you need to grab so that you can play the game efficiently using minimum resources.

You need to unlock the “lost arts” which can be a great help in advancements of technology are being used in our empire.

Create and Train your army units as per the situations 

Now come to the ultimate arena, which we have been looking for- the combat play. There are numerous military units like Infantry, Cavalry, Occult, and Bestiary. Every unit specializes in some specific tasks. Either it may be offensive or defensive. You need to create an army in a balanced proportion while keeping in mind the resources and terrains around you.

Have a look at the trailer of the Stormfall Age of War-

Spying Can Fruit Real Benefits 

Everything is about a clever strategy here. You can go for trading with your neighbors (basically to spy on them- what they are doing and how they are preparing their defensive plans etc.). It’s an intelligent gameplay where you don’t have to be engaged in iron and blood. 

The best part of this game is that you can launch it using your browser anytime, anywhere. But full-screen mode in PC is a real pleasure for our eyes.

At last- If you are a casual gamer and want to unleash some new tweaks then go for Stormfall Age of War as it may bring some real thrills and unlock the adrenaline in your veins. If we take the features into account, then it’s surely one of the best browser based MMO games.

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