Music Paradise Pro Free Download

Music Paradise Pro Free Download


Smartphone has changes the way of listening music now-a-days. A quality music player in our Smartphone and a great headset are all to enjoy music on the go. Music Paradise Pro – the name is enough to describe this kick ass music player.

If we look at the number of downloads of this music app, we can get a clear picture. Having over 10 million downloads, music download paradise has spread itself into every corner of this world. It is one of the best apps which allow free music download.

Music Paradise Pro- It’s a real freemium app

When it comes to choose a good music player from a list having apps in astronomical figure, we really struggle to compare those.

But things become easy when we list down our expectations from a modern music player- easy navigable options, minimalistic design and UI, easy search option, big music library loaded with numerous songs, all standard filters and at last it should come at free of cost.

Music download Paradise provides legal and loyalty free music so that users can enjoy online streaming and download the tracks as well.

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Music download Paradise Pro- features and Functionalities

Functionalities of this Android music paradise are simply awesome. The main motive behind installing a music player like “Music Paradise” is listening music and it does a great job. Simply enter the name of track in the “search” option; you can search your favorites by genre and name of the artist either.

The smart music downloader of music paradise pro supports multiple downloads at a time. Users can manage and organize the downloaded files easily and that’s also without compromising internet speed.

Another plus point of this app is that you can create a playlist of your choice. It’s very smart way to create the track list if you are going to a daylong travel.

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Maximum apps download the tracks within the apps, if you delete the app, all the tracks will be erased automatically while “Music download Paradise” enables the tracks separately and you can transfer the files into SD card.

If you have some tracks already in your SD cards, using Music download Paradise you can easily run those also. This app supports a wide array of files staring from WAV, AIFF to MP3, AAC etc.

A beautiful feature of this app is the “favorite” option where the frequently listened music tracks are saved automatically. You can directly jump into your most favorite songs with a simple tap. Another extra point to choose this player is ringtone maker feature. Using it you can cut any portion of your favorite track and can use that as the ringtone.

Pop up ads that carry the negative marks

If we don’t count the annoying intrusive pop up ads, it’s very difficult to find out any negative point of “Music download Paradise”. Sometimes you may see that a newly downloaded file is not available in the list. This is a bug of this music app. To solve this issue simply restart the phone and check back.

Download Music Paradise Pro Apk

So, after reading our review you want to try your hands on the app? No problem. Here is the apk file of Music paradise pro app which you can download and install on your Android to have Music Paradise running.

Share your experience with us once you have downloaded and tried Music Paradise Pro.


  1. I’m currently looking for a free music download… there any options for getting rid of the ads on Music Paradise Pro? Sounds really good, I’ll be checking it out.

    • Right now there is no such option as turning off the ads. The ads can be annoying at times, but when you factor in all the great benefits of Paradise Pro, it is still an awesome trade.

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