Mp3 Juice – Free Mp3 And Songs Download

Mp3 Juice – Free Mp3 And Songs Download


Mp3 juice is the synonym of a vast online music library for free download. With a single click, you can search tons of tracks and with a single click you can download the full songs.

Though it’s not a renowned song download site, recently it has come into limelight because of a lot of hoaxes which have popped up on mp3 juices whether it’s legal and safe to download free music tracks from it or not.

Features of Mp3 Juices

Features are the hitting point of any app. With some killing extraordinary features Mp3juices has looted the hearts of million music lovers around the world. When the features of this fantastic music downloading site will appear, no confusion will be there to be cleared further.

Clear and simple UI keeps the whole system fast while it comes to load the website and searching tracks after hitting ENTER.

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Searching your favorite tracks has gone easier than ever. There is a simple search option in the middle of the website where you need to type the associated lyrics of a song you are searching and simply press ENTER to see the magic!

Downloading favorite music becomes very easy as you don’t need to be register and don’t need to do anything special to get the song downloaded. A simple click does everything. Just click and get it done.

One of the best features which I personally like is that there is an option where you can
make mp3 of your favorite song directly from YouTube! I can bet no free mp3 downloader offers this never seen It’s a trump over all the online music downloader for sure.

Mp3juices have all sync options for one drive, DropBox and Google Drive. You can download the song directly to these cloud boxes.

Mp3 cutter option is really an intuitive feature where you can CUT any mp3 and can easily make the ringtone and even can mix two songs. It’s also an interesting feature when you want to mix two different songs together.

Some Tips And Tricks Of the Music App

There are some intuitive features which require some tips to run these efficiently. Check below for these-

Online Drive Sync: If you don’t want to waste flash memory of your phone, you can save the songs into several cloud drives like One Drive, Google Drive and Dropbox etc. You don’t have to do all of these manually, all these have got automatic options when you click on the “Download” option. After selecting any track when you click on download, a pop up showing supporting cloud drives appear in front.

Share your activities: With a simple click you can share the tracks you have just downloaded. Built-in options help you to share your activities directly on social medias like Facebook, Twitter etc. Share your favorite with your friends and group of friends.

Download mp3 from YouTubeWe already have mentioned this feature as one of the intuitive and advanced features of any online music downloader. You can make mp3 of any song you want, simply put the url from YouTube and convert the video into mp3. It takes few minutes to convert a video track with standard length into an audio format. Once it’s completed, you will be given a link, clicking on which you can download it easily.

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Download mp3 from Soundcloud: Like YouTube, you can download tracks from Soundcloud as well. Follow the same procedure of converting mp3 from YouTube here also and get the song downloaded. Converting videos have never been so easy.

(Note: Videos should not cross length of 2 hours.)

Mp3 CutterSometimes downloaded tracks have some soundless parts. To get the real thrills of music we need to remove those. In order to get this done, use this awesome feature which is one of the builtin feature of this site. Once the final render is completed, a link for download the edited file will appear, that’s all. It’s so easy even a novice can do this without any tutorial!

(Note: Audio length should not cross hours.)

Mp3juice has attached some really good features and is one of the most feature rich one click music downloader.

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  1. This post persuaded me to download mp3juice the second I read that you can grab mp3s from YouTube videos! I’ve been looking for something like this – simple and to the point – for more than a year now, so I guess it was meant to be for me to find this post. I have a feeling mp3juice is about to be my most-used app.

  2. I haven’t found a music download search engine that I really like, but I’ve never tried either of these sites. I definitely will be trying out MP3 Juices – I’ve already got it on download. I’ll let you know how I find it.

  3. I’ve heard of people downloading music from YouTube and converting it to mp3. I’ve always wondered how that was done, and you’ve explained it here. That’s so cool. I’ll definitely be checking out MP3Juice and converting music from my YouTube playlists. :) Thanks for this post. How awesome is technology?!?!

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