Facebook Impressum : How To Add Impressum To Your Facebook Page

Facebook Impressum : How To Add Impressum To Your Facebook Page


Facebook has recently introduced a new feature called Impressum. To be honest, Web world is changing day by day and many new things are coming and engraved themselves into the virtual world as well as in our daily life.

A burning example is Facebook, we can’t even dare to think a day without being on it!  World’s largest and popular social networking site has become something more than “only social networking” and it becomes “world of the networking”. The recent feature added in this giant network is “Facebook Impressum”. This thing comes into effect due to some binding of laws in some European countries like Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

What is Facebook Impressum For Page?

Impressum is basically a “About us” and “Terms and conditions” page where all the credits and disclosures are underwritten about any online services, app or a website.

If we look at the origin of this fancy word, Impressum is derived from a German word which means “Legal notice”, “credit” or “Ownership statement”.

In maximum EU Shenzhen countries it is “must have” declaration for all kind of services or business present online. Consider it as an “all in one” info page of your company or business.

Impressum- Countries Adopted this Law

All the Shenzhen countries like Austria, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland etc and some countries in EU but outside Shenzhen also like Croatia has adopted Impressum law for online presence of any business.  Outside EU Canada adopted the same.

No Asian country is in the list till now. Singapore is on the way but it has not confirmed anything yet. But surprisingly this law is not included in constitution in some countries and varies from country to country. For an example in EU, if it’s not filled or filled with wrong info then fine could be imposed against complaint. But in Canada it’s little bit different and it can miss information can lead partial shutdown of your business!

Note: In USA it’s very confusing as the law varies from state to state. In state like Colombia it’s very rigid but in Florida it’s moderately handled.

Impressum and Facebook Page

With the recent update in Facebook, they have enabled the feature where you can add Impressum of your business according to your local cyber law. There is no basic difference in the points of the cyber laws specifically for Impressum in EU and American countries.

How to add Impressum in Facebook Page

Adding Impressum in any Facebook page is not a tough nut to crack. It’s too simple and you will need an easy guide to add this, that’s all. Here we are going to present a step by steps tutorial for this.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • reddit
  • StumbleUpon

Follow the steps in order to add Impressum in your FB page too. It’s important if you are engaged in any business otherwise Facebook will not recognize your page and will not give the “thumbs up” to follow in the instant suggestion.

Steps to Write Impressum for Facebook Page

Step 1: At the top of the Facebook page, there is an option called “Edit Page”.

Step 2: There you will find “Update Page Info”.

Step 3: Write down all the information about your business.

Step 4: Click on the “Save Change” option and you are done!

Guide For Writing Impressum in Facebook Page

Impressum seeks basic information about any business. This information validates the points people want to know about a company. The basic information generally includes the following points-

  1. Name of the business or the organization
  2. Contact Address or registered address of the organization
  3. Some basic contact details like Phone, Fax and Mail mentioning the person’s name.
  4. Name of the owners of the company or the name of the “Page manager” in Facebook. Owners or page manager are/ is liable for any post.
  5. Registration number or license number from local authorities for running the business.
  6. Web address of the company. Include www. And without www. Both. If you are ecommerce sector then you have two different websites – one for ecommerce operation and another one for company’s corporate profile then you should include both in description and properly mention where to contact for customer complaint or grievance and where to contact for business.

What you need to remember before adding Impressum in FB Page

  1. Limit: The limit of the Impressum is 2000 words. So map your information in a concise way. Compose it in such a way, so that it includes all the key points of your business covering products, categories, fields you cater, team, mission, vision etc.
  2. Information: Don’t provide any wrong information because this is like a mirror of your company and it reflects everything about it. Be honest while writing it. Wrong information can attract penalties if anyone registers complaint against you. So be careful before adding every single word.
  3. Web Link: Provide exact web links for references.
  4. Images: Be aware about every photo you are uploading. Don’t copy from anywhere. Upload the logo of your company and if you need to pick any image then give proper credit to that.

What if Impressum is not added?

There is no specific point addressed in Facebook what the effect will be if Impressum is not added. But the things people have experienced while Impressum was not added are-

  1. Low Reach in page: Facebook limits page reach as it feels the business is not authentic
  2. Low engagement in posts: Over all low engagement experienced with low talking about.

This is mandatory for all businesses so if you are experiencing low engagement in you FB page then check this thing once. It seems that all the other social networking sites like Twitter will follow the same path and implement the Impressum section soon.

It helps us to find authentic business (for users) and to target potential customer (for business). If all the information is not as per requirement then fulfill those and save the changes. If you have noticed something important that we missed in this article, please feel free to share with us by pouring comments in the section below and help us spreading awareness and knowledge.


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