HTC Sense Home- The New and Awesome Features

HTC Sense Home- The New and Awesome Features

HTC has always been known for their good looking yet powerful devices. And in recent years, HTC has made a good image even in the software field, with good looking software that actually works. The HTC Sense UI that HTC installs on its Android devices has always been liked a lot by the users because of its Uncluttered and lag free UI.

Anyone who has ever used an HTC Android smartphone, definitely knows about the Blinkfeed app that comes pre-installed with the smartphone as a replacement for the default Android home screen app. It provides a unique experience by pulling out your social feeds from various social networks right at one screen.

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Moving in the same direction, HTC has provided a new app called the HTC Sense Home, which replaces the Blinkfeed app. However the new app can also be considered an update for the Blinkfeed app. The HTC Sense Home app takes the HTC experience to a whole new level. It comes with several new features which the users have been requesting for a while.

One such feature is the inclusion of Themes section in the Sense Home app. Now, the users can choose how they want their homescreen to look like. Their is a very wide range of themes that are available to be downloaded. The themes include wallpapers, icons within them, so when a user applies any theme he gets a totally different looking home screen.

Also, the users can choose wallpapers from the tons of wallpapers available in the Wallpapers section. The best part is, it’s all for free. So, unlike companies like Apple, HTC believes in providing good experience to the user without shelling anything extra out of the user’s pocket.

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Also, the HTC Sense Home comes with a new and improved HTC Sense Home widget which keeps you updated with the latest weather details by automatically detecting your location(it is very accurate) and also lets you know the current time. It also suggests you apps by smartly analyzing your daily usage.

So, overall it’s a great update to the Blinkfeed app. You should definitely update to the latest version of HTC Sense Home app to get a more personalized experience.

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