HTC Desire T7 Will Be The Next Tablet From HTC

HTC Desire T7 Will Be The Next Tablet From HTC

htc desire t7

Zuaba, an import-export tracking website, keeps a check on the devices that ship to India before the official launch has shared that HTC has shipped two versions of an unreleased tablet for testing in India.

These tablets have been shipped from Taiwan to India on June 26 with the name HTC Desire T7. Two versions of the device have been sent, one of which is Dual SIM while the other is single SIM. A total of 20 devices has been sent for testing purpose.

As per the sources, HTC Desire T7 Dual Sim features a 7-inch display with a 1.2 Ghz quad processor. The Single SIM Desire T7 is also expected to have the same configurations except that it will support only one SIM.

Desire T7 is expected to be priced at $180 and thus will be in the affordable segment for the users. Since the device is still in testing phase, there is no announcement on when Desire T7 will be launched.

Our take on HTC Desire T7

HTC is known for making really good looking and better-performing smartphones. However, there are two segments where the company seriously lags. One is the budget segment of smartphone i.e. the price bracket of $200 and other is Tablets segment.

Looks like HTC has started to work on the lagging segments and Desire T7 is the result of it. They have tried to kill two birds with a single stone by pricing Desire T7 in the affordable price bracket.

It will be really interesting to see how the market reacts to Desire T7.

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