Desire 820 Lollipop Update Confirmed By HTC

Desire 820 Lollipop Update Confirmed By HTC

Upgrade HTC Desire 820 to Android 5.0 Lollipop

One thing that has been bothering the HTC Desire 820 users since the device launched, is whether their device will get the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop update or not. User’s patience took another low when lollipop update was rolled out for HTC Desire 816.

The main issue was that there wasn’t any official confirmation from HTC about the lollipop update for this device. In the past some leaked images did reveal that Desire 820 was on the update list, but today we have a good news for you guys.

In a reply to a HTC Desire 820 user, HTC UK has kind of confirmed that the device will be getting the lollipop update. HTC UK in reply to a tweet from David O said that it shouldn’t take long as lollipop updates have started rolling out for desire series.

Here is exactly what they said:

Though they didn’t confirmed any dates, yet the promised to keep us posted about the update schedule. In the past a lot of users had tried contacting HTC India regarding this, but they had remained unavailable for reply. So, this could be considered as an official confirmation that HTC Desire 820 will get lollipop update, though it is unclear when the update will roll out. We are planning to launch a campaign on Gadget SuperSite’s Facebook page to draw attention of HTC regarding this issue.

So, do like Our Facebook Fan page given above to get updates regarding the campaign. If you are really eager to install lollipop on Desire 820, you can follow our guide to update your Desire 820. The process requires a device with root access. If you haven’t rooted your device yet, go ahead and follow the Easiest Guide to root Desire 820.

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  1. something I like to share with HTC. Please take care of your old products. If you are giving some upgrade please check. My mob HTC 820 seems to go on a blink off and on after google play upgrades. I suggest people should not take it lightly. My ticket no. 15INA480020709 and my mobile was repaired with old software from the factory maintenance centre. The service should have upgraded my software and given to me and should have warned me that the upgrades do not work on google play. Please do not buy HTC which gives false promises and do not run the software updates checks prior to sending them on mobiles. I am supposed to find out and tell them how their software works. I am gain to run to their service centre waste my time and energy. I would still think Samsung is the best bet. I hope all the people agree and do not buy fly by night operators.

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