High Tech Gadgets – 2016

High Tech Gadgets – 2016


Technology advancement has been a game changer in the modern world. Almost everything is being automated, and this not only increases production but also saves plenty of time compared to a few decades ago. Every year, we are introduced to new high tech gadgets that are meant to make our lives easier and fun. Some may perform well, while others fail to meet expectations. There are many tech gadgets that have been or about to be introduced into the market this year but some have been loved and talked about due to the huge effect that they will have on people lives.

In this post I will point out 5 of the most loved and buzzed about high tech gadgets of 2016.

5 High Tech Gadgets Of 2016

5. Ehang Passenger Drone

As I mentioned in my previous post, lots of drones have been introduced into the market, but none was like this. Unlike other drones that have been designed for taking impressive videos or package deliveries, Ehang is meant for passenger flights. It will be the first passenger-carrying drone to hit the sky, and this is the reason many people are excited about it.

Ehang 184 can carry one passenger for a 23-minute flight. It is remotely controlled where the destination is predetermined. For the safety of the passenger, these high tech gadgets are programmed to enable it to land in case of an emergency. It can also accommodate luggage for the passage. The drone will be tested in Nevada before its release. The drone will be released late 2016, and the cost will range from whooping $200,000 to $300,000.


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4. The GoSun Stove

The GoSun stove is among high tech gadgets that have generated excitement since it appeared in CES 2016. The stove is designed to utilize solar power to cook. It is a cost cutting device that will reduce the use of fuel significantly.

What makes this device attractive is its ability to heat up to 550 degrees while the exterior remain cool and can cook a meal for 20 minutes. It is light weighing just 20 pounds and has a stainless steel exterior thus it’s not prone to rust. All the solar energy will be directed to the solar evacuated tube that absorbs more than 80% of the solar energy reflected onto it- this is where the food cooks. Some models can also recharge electronics. The gadget release was in the second half of 2016 with the price varying with its models.

3. Parrot Disco Drone

This is another drone that has been generating massive conversation, especially with drone enthusiasts. It is the first ready-to-fly drone that anyone can toss in the air and pilot. The drone which was unveiled at CES 2016 is expected to push the consumer demand to a whole another level with its amazing features.

You only need to mount the wings and launched it in the air. Parrot disco drone can also fly by itself and thus you are unlikely to experience mishaps while flying it. The drone is equipped with sensors to ensure that it does not get into accidents. It can take off automatically and also land automatically with the help of its ground sensor. The drone can fly for 45 minutes without stopping at the maximum speed of 50 mph. The drone is expected to be released late this year though precise time and price are yet to be revealed.

2. Immersit

Immersit is one of the high tech gadgets making it big in the market especially for the movie enthusiasts. This is a gadget that is designed to give you a new experience while watching movies and playing games in VR. The gadgets make you feel like you are actually taking part in the movie where you feel the actions as it happens, from the slightest like hitting potholes on the road to more complex such as flying in the skies.

The gadget comes with four pads that fit under the four legs of the couch. The pads are responsible for the movements. Immersit vibrates, raises, and lowers your couch while you are playing the game in VR or watching a movie and this makes you feel the action in the movie. The gadget is expected to be released in late 2016 and will cost around $1000.

1. Daqri’s Smart Helmet

This is an industrial device that is expected to impact positively on the industrial sector. The helmet provides the wearer with relevant information on the task to be performed in front of the eye.

If the wearer is repairing a pipe, the helmet will show the wearer where to walk and where there is a fault to be fixed. It provides a set of instruction to fix the problem. These are high tech gadgets designed for heavy machinery operation. Daqri’s Smart Helmet comes with a sixth-gen Intel core m7 processor and a 360-degree sensor with HD video. The gadget was released in late March 2016 and still continues to perform very well in the market. The price ranges from $5,000 to $15,000 a unit.


This conclude our list of high tech gadgets of 2006, drop us a line if you have any thoughts or if you know of any other gadgets worthy enough to be included her.


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