Google Pixel XL and its Cool Features

Google Pixel XL and its Cool Features

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Ever wondered how it would feel to have an elegant, intelligent, fast and efficient phone with monster features on your hand? Then you should really think about the newest and by far the greatest android wonder Google has ever produced. It is none other than the new Google Pixel XL. This smartphone is not just a phone but a companion when it comes to managing lifestyle tasks. The phone is a must have for all Android junkies who are passionate about cool and state of the art devices.

The new smartphone is packed with awesome features. With it, one is guaranteed value for money. In comparison to its predecessors, a lot has changed. The change has been regarding Google’s approach towards the manufacturing of the device. Initially, Google was more concerned with the value of a device rather than its quality. This lead to occasional trade-offs which were meant to cater for the lower prices. However, with the introduction of Google Pixel XL it is evident that more emphasis has now been put on the production of a quality phone. Resultantly, the price has gone higher as compared to earlier phones.


Google Pixel XL –> Features you Should Know About


Google Pixel XL features ranges from its slick design, efficient power management, excellent camera to the introduction of Google’s software assistance. All of which can be summarized into seven categories; processing capabilities, artificial intelligence, design, display, camera, battery and future updates.

Processing Capabilities

With a quad-core Kyro processor, 4 GB of main memory, a Snapdragon chipset and Adreno 530 GPU, fast processing speed would be an understatement. The above features make this phone capable of high graphics management.


Also, one won’t be worried of crashing applications due to low memory or hanging applications which are characterized a slow processor. Additionally, comes in either 32GB or 128GB built-in memory with the absence of expansion memory slot. The memory is large enough to satisfy one’s storage needs.


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Artificial Intelligence

Google Pixel XL comes with Google Assistant which is an intelligent software that helps a person in running errands on his or her phones by giving voice commands. Google assistant is what Siri is to Apple and Cortana to Microsoft.

However, in comparison, Google assistant is better in terms of performance than the two. Additionally, it has the capability of machine learning. Hence, it can acquire knowledge on how it improves its performance as one uses it.


The phone comes in different shades of metal and glass design at the back. The two materials have been brought together in an amazing way that enhances its aesthetic value as well as creating that personal touch. The gorilla glass used in this case strengthens cover eliminating the worries of its fragility.

Further, it incorporates a stylish camera by removing the annoying camera bump that is usually present on most phones. The area around the camera is totally flat and smoothened, hence achieving a great milestone in its design that is yet to be realized in the industry.

Its body has a 154.7 x 75.7 x 8.5 mm dimensions, with a weight of 168 g. It also made in such that makes it’s resistant to dust and splashes of water. For a sim card, it uses the Nano-SIM.


Google Pixel XL uses a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED screen that has better performances regarding clarity and color output than their LCD counterparts. It is also important to note that, this device’s screen comes with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 coupled with multitouch capability.



The device comes with two cameras (front and back) that delivers an excellent photo and video experience. The 8 MP front camera will ensure a satisfactory selfie experience whereas the back camera, with 12.3 MP provides quality photos, capturing most of the details in it. Moreover, these two cameras have additional features such as EIS phase detection capability, touch focus, face detection and laser auto focus.

With Galaxy Pixel XL, one gets unlimited access to Google storage together with smart storage feature. The function manages the photos in your phone by removing old photos which have already been uploaded to the cloud storage.


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It uses Li-Ion (3540 mAh) battery whose power can run up to 552 hours while on standby in a 3G network and up to 32 hours during talk time.

While playing music, one guarantees 130 hours of usage. Once the charge has depleted, it can be easily and quickly be charged over USB type-C.

Future Updates

Through Pixel XL, Android 7.1 Nougat is introduced to the world.

This feature enhances the phones by facilitating future updates. With it, one is guaranteed of two years OS upgrades and security updates at zero cost.


If you are looking for the best android phone in the market, you can look no further. Currently there is really noting more promising than Google Pixel XL. It guaranties that all your tasks and fun activities will be performed faster and better.



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