Free Music Downloader Mp3 – Apps

Free Music Downloader Mp3 – Apps

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It’s very rear these days to find a reliable free music downloader mp3 app. With the advancement of technology, many people across the world use digital devices. This has led to the growth of music lovers to comfortably listen to their favorite songs and tunes through their devices. It is also the mere reason that keeps us coming back to this very subject over and over again. There are a lot of emerging android mp3 apps in store. Some of these apps may be total scam. To identify which music downloader is the right one for your taste, we are going to look at the 7 best android music downloaders for android users. Additionally we have created a list of Free Mp3 Download sites which you must check out as well.

Our Selection Of – Free Music Downloader Mp3 Apps

7. Download Blazer

Download Blazer is a free, easy-to-use download manager for all android devices. It comes with a friendly interface that enables you to download songs quickly. You can download this app even in weak internet connections. It really helps in boosting your downloading speed. Through this app, you can organize and disconnect your playlist. It supports all major web browsers such as Firefox, Opera and Chrome among others.


Key features include;

Increased downloading speed
In-built search options
Pausing and resuming downloads
Organizing downloads in queue
Downloading all file types from web
Calculation of the remaining time


It is easy to use
One can easily access music through using the in-built search options
It is free
Fast downloading speed
It is possible to pause and resume the downloading process
It supports various web browsers
Downloading link is automatically injected from the clipboard


Download blazer cannot download music video provided from blazer
Presence of advertising
Very minimal functionality

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6. FrostWire

This is a peer to peer android software program that allows easy search, downloading, playing and sharing media and files with others. FrostWire enables you to easily search files using keywords. It also enables you to have a preview of the file you are downloading. All torrent activities are handled within this app thus won’t struggle in looking for links in the web to input with the software. This app scans popular search engines to produce the most informative results. Through FrostWire library, you can listen or watch your downloaded music and videos. You can share downloaded files over Wi-Fi with other devices, thus helping you to do away with the hustle of cables. No technical knowledge is needed to use this software. All you need to know is download, play and share.

Features include;

Preview and play while downloading
Fast and easy downloads
Built-in torrent and YouTube search
One click download from SoundCloud and YouTube
Online radio
Built-in audio and video players


Easy to use
Instant search results
Fully featured media player


Takes a lot of time to download

5. Songily

This is an android music app that allows you to download music files using your android device thus a cool way to listen and download songs. Pop tracks are the most popular in this app.

Features include;

Online TV and Radio
YouTube online downloads
Free music downloads


Easy tracking of songs
Allows bulk download
Supports various downloading websites


Very few reviews about the app thus less popularity

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4. Mixerbox

This is an alternative YouTube customer that allows you to listen to all types of music on YouTube from your device. It is easier to listen to music using Mixerbox than on the official YouTube application. One thing that stands out in this program is that you can easily create playlists by simply adding songs to them. Anytime a new playlist is added, songs will begin to play automatically. This will continue even if the screen is turned off. This app enables one to search for any artist or song. Its amazing features such as DJ Tab helps you to find new songs as well as news tab which keep you with up-to-date information about music across the globe. You can listen to any type of music by just typing the name of the song you would like to hear.

Features include;

Search options
Discover tab that enables you to see what’s popular on the app
Connects you to your Facebook account
Easy browsing


Automatic playlist
Easily share your playlists with your friends through Gmail, Facebook among others
Easily access millions of music videos across the world


Can’t stream music offline
Only Facebook login option
Uses a lot of data

3. MP3 Player

If you are considering to download the best music downloader app, then going for MP3 Player is the perfect option. This app has the capability of downloading unlimited number of mp3 songs from different platforms. It also allows you to access verified mp3 tracks from reliable internet sources.


Some of its features include;

Lyrics viewer
Quick forwarding and rewinding option
Shuffle/repeating option
Background music playback
Album art
Sound equalizer


Available free of charge
Can be used in different languages
You can post to both Facebook and Twitter



2. Audiomack

This is a new service that offers music lovers a platform to listen to their favorite tracks. Audiomack is mostly based on hip-hop and electronic genres. Artists can unlimitedly share their songs via Audiomack as well as fans discover and download free songs. Through following your favorite artist or DJ, you will get to know what’s new.

The following are some of its features;

Searching options: search bar that helps users to easily find a song or album
Creating playlists
Trending charts which enables you to access new songs


Unlimited number of songs to be downloaded
You can download tracks to your phone
It has a feature that enables you to minimize the player and browse for other songs while the track is still playing


Takes a lot of time to download songs
Lack of control in the lock screen

1. Spotify Music

This is an android app that gives you access to millions of songs. It allows you to stream various tracks as well as view playlists, artists and albums. It enables its users to follow up their favorite songs through giving recommendations based on what they listen. It also comes with a search engine which allows you to search for any song you would like to hear.

Its features include the following;

Creating playlists
Instant listening process
New music discoveries
Ad-free music


Unlimited music
Users can listen to music offline
Works on various platforms
Simple to use
Large music catalogue


The free plan has various limitations
Song can’t be downloaded
too many advertisements pop up.

The list definitely makes the top 7 free mp3 music downloader apps you can find anywhere. So next time you are trying to download music without success , you might want to check out any of the above apps.

So we are at the conclusion of our list of the best free music downloader mp3 apps. Did you like our list and was it helpful in choosing the right app that meets your music needs? Please let us know, give us your feedback. Be sure to check our review of Mp3skull and don’t miss out on Free Mp3 Download Sites.


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