Everything You Should Know About Google Pixel

Everything You Should Know About Google Pixel


I finally had the chance to sample the new Google Pixel smartphone engineered and designed by Google. Of course, I had high expectation because Google being an internet leader, the bar is always set very high. One would expect their phone to be of the highest quality, and right off the bat my anticipations were met in a positive way. Google pixel faces competition from the new iPhone 7 being in almost the same price range, however for Android lovers, it is defiantly a great bet.

In this article, I will pin point the key features of Google Pixel, keep on reading to find out why Google Pixel is the best Android Smartphone.

Features of the New Google Pixel Smartphone

Design and Feel

I must admit that I was not exactly impressed by the exterior design of the Google Pixel. It wasn’t as slim and sleek as I thought it would be. I found it somewhat bulky and thick for a phone of its category. However, I must admit that the case material quality is great.

The case is made of using aluminum of the aerospace grade and high quality corning gorilla glass. The quality of the exterior was a big consolation, and I didn’t notice the thick and bulky feel for a moment. The phone fits very comfortably in your hand. The rounded edges together with the shaped surfaces reminded me of the distinctive features of the iPhone 7. They have three colors to choose from and you can get the google pixel in black, silver or blue. There is also the XL option which has a bigger screen, but in this article I will concentrate on the regular size.

Camera Performance

There is nothing like a good smartphone without a good camera, and this is why I had to check out the camera before anything else. The name pixel gives us a clue about the camera experience, and I was looking forward to getting some quality shots. Looking at the 12.3-megapixel label might seem disappointing until you try the camera. The color accuracy and photo quality is the best so far in the all the Android phone cameras I have tried.

Google pixel has numerous camera features, and in the short span, I had the phone I was specifically impressed by the smartburst feature that allows you to capture multiple shots and later the phone automatically selects the best. I was amazed at the speed of the camera, just a little press and you already make a shot. Those who love selfies like I do are in luck because to switch from the rear camera to the selfie mode all you need is to flick your wrist twice in a quick succession. There are other smart features that I wasn’t able to try the HDR feature to take photos in low light and also the bokeh effects.


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The phone has a screen size of 5 inches which pretty much standard for many of the smartphones. It is disappointing to note that the phone lacks the rose-to-wake feature that is available in many high-end phones.

To unlock the phone, there is a pad on the back side that senses the fingerprints to give you access. The screen display is quite good when you look at the brightness as well as the color accuracy of the screen. It is no surprise that the camera is also very good.

Google Assistant

I cannot talk about the Google pixel without talking about the Google assistant. The concept of Google Assistant is not a new feature because Apple already has the Apple Siri feature that allows you to ask questions. Unlike other assistants, Google Assistant has a new twist to it.

According to the manufacturer, the Google assistant can track all your movements and activities to offer you tailored assistance based on your unique needs. Of course, I didn’t get enough time to make maximum use of the Google assistant, but from the first impression, I believe it will be better than the other assistants in other phones.

Headphone Jack

I must admit that it was quite a relief to see the 3.5mm headphone jack in the google pixel. The headphone jack makes life easy for people who like listening to their music everywhere.

This means that you don’t have to change your current headphones because the 3.5mm jack is compatible with almost all the headphones available in the market.

Storage and Space

A storage of 32GB is quite decent although they also have a version for people who like more space like the 128 GB. The downside is the lack of space to add a micro SD card. However, there is a consolation to this because you can get online cloud storage. I was able to try this feature of cloud storage with storing photos online.

The best thing with cloud storage of photos is the fact that you can still access them even without internet connection although in a lower resolution. Immediately after the phone storage is exhausted the phone will always give you the option to free up space by uploading photos and videos in the video library.

Battery Life

The battery life of this phone is something worth reporting about. With a powerful phone like this, you would expect the battery to drain very fast, but this was not the case during my trial. During my trial, I was trying a lot of things at the same time, and this means I was pushing the phone’s battery life to the maximum.

I was surprised that even after 8 hours of active usage the phone was not yet giving me the warning signal of low battery. The manufacturers argue that all you need is to charge the phone through the USB for 15 minutes and it will serve you for 7 hours.


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Not Waterproof!

This was one of the major downsides of google pixel. Most of the phones in its category can withstand at least a certain degree of water, but it is not the case with Google pixel.

When using the phone, you might want to stay away from water. The presence of the 3.5mm jack might have made it difficult to come up with a waterproof phone, but I still love it.


The google pixel might not be perfect due to its exterior design, but if you are looking for power and functionality, then this is the best phone for you. For Android lovers, this is the best quality that you can get on the market. The battery life and the cloud storage were some of the strong areas amongst others that I liked. It is defiantly a phone that I would consider buying.


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