Everything You Need to Know About iPhone 7 Plus

Everything You Need to Know About iPhone 7 Plus


I recently had a chance to check out the iPhone 7 Plus which is a bigger version of the iPhone 7. I can say that I was impressed in the short span of time I had to sample the features and functionality. Just like the previous versions released by Apple some features are still the same, but there is a great improvement in some features. Considering the rumors and expectations surrounding the release of iPhone 7 Plus, I was looking forward to checking and playing with this new iPhone. I felt like a kid in the candy store and I did just That!

Keep reading further to discover what is hot and new in the latest version of iPhone.

Everything You Should Know About iPhone 7 Plus

Design and feel

Apple has never really made major changes in the exterior design of their smartphones. Despite the anticipation of the public and critics, it really takes time for the company to come up with major changes with the exterior design of the phone. This might be because it serves as their brand identity. There is no difference when it comes to the iPhone 7 plus. It has the traditional aluminum chassis and the protruding camera. However this time I noticed that they tried to alter the design a little bit while still maintaining the standard look.

I liked the fact that they have different color options and you can choose from the matte black and the shiny black ( jet black ). This is quite a big break from the previous space gray color. They have also worked on the weight to make it lighter, and even the iPhone 7 Plus which is bigger still felt light at 188 grams. It was quite a relief also to see that they have gotten rid of the antenna at the back.

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Camera experience

One thing most iPhone fans like is the camera experience. Just like in the previous iPhone versions, Apple has surprised us once again. I loved the iPhone 6s plus for the 12mp sensor experience, but I must admit that I was fascinated by the iPhone 7 plus camera that comes with two lenses now. The two lenses take the photo and camera experience to a whole new level.

Two lenses mean that you have two times optical zoom which we all have been looking forward to. The improvements include improved flash performance that is now brighter, fast focus and the photo quality is now better. I physical compared the photo quality with iPhone 6s plus and noticed the difference especially in color accuracy. However, some aspects remain the same like skin tone technology which is available on both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s plus cameras.

Performance and efficiency

I was more interested in looking at the aspects that make iPhone 7 plus better that iPhone 6s plus. Obviously when it comes to performance my main focus was speed and battery life and I was not disappointed. As a regular user, going into details about the chips and wiring is not that important.


However, it is vital to note that, this new model uses the latest quad-core chip to make the performance better. The speed is better than the iPhone 6s plus, and the beauty of this is I was able to use it for one hour longer compared to the iPhone 6s plus. With such a high, I appreciated the longer battery life of iPhone 7 plus.

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Apple has finally answered the complaints of their users and increased the storage space in the new iPhone 7 plus. The new iPhone now comes with 32 GB which decent compared to the 16 GB offered by the iPhone 6s plus version which was quite frustrating to many users.

The good news is that if you still think that 32 GB is not sufficient, you can get the 128 GB or 256 GB. If you ask me, 256 GB is too much for a phone keeping in mind that there are computers that have much less storage and still work fine. Apple has however made the options limitless, and you can now go for what you want.

Screen experience

Because I was impressed with the camera, I had a feeling that the screen experience will be even better and I was not disappointed. Of course, the 3d touch experience that is common to the previous iPhone versions is still present in the iPhone 7 version.

The pictures on the screen look real, and you will experience better color accuracy. There is an improvement in the brightness with an increase of 25%. I will agree that looking at the iPhone 7 plus; you will feel that you are looking for the latest and improved version.

The home button

I noticed the home button of the iPhone 7 plus looks similar to the one in iPhone 6s plus but the working is quite different in the two models. Instead of the mechanical working technology of the previous iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus now uses sensor technology. The sensor technology is responsive to the amount of pressure that you put on the home button. Depending on the amount of pressure you put on the home button, you can customize vibrations for various notification and also apps.

Just like the iPhone 6s Plus, the home button is also used to scan fingerprints before giving you access to the phone. However on iPhone 7 plus it is much more reliable and faster. Thanks to its amazing quad-core chip, now you can access your phone much faster and it works every time, so you don’t have to worry about putting your finger on the button several times before it opens.

No headphone jack!

This is clearly a major disappointment not only to me but also to other iPhone users. The fact that you have to use an adaptor to use the headphone jack is even more frustrating. The only option that you have is to use blue tooth or buy cable headphones.

Verdict of the iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus is a worthy investment. I particularly liked the improved photo quality, speed, and better battery life. The lack of the headphone jack was a big disappointment, though. The only feature that I wasn’t able to try is the water resistance feature, but the manufacturer says that it is water resistant.

You can immerse the phone in a depth of one meter of water for thirty minutes and still it won’t affect the phone. I think to protect the phone from the water they decided to do away with the headphone jack. Apple also promises better gaming experience, so we are still waiting to look for the new games available in the Apple store.


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