Download Android M Wallpaper and Ringtones

Download Android M Wallpaper and Ringtones

android m update

Google recently took the curtains off from the next version of Android. Following the naming sequence, this version of Android is being refereed as Android M.We made a prediction of what the M in Android M could stand for,however there isn’t any official confirmation yet.

Just like any other version of Android, Android M also comes with new wallpapers and ringtones. Since, Android M is still in developer preview, there is only one wallpaper available as of now but more wallpapers are expected to come once the OS is released in 3rd Quarter of this year.

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Download Android M Wallpaper

You can Download Android M wallpaper in High Resoultion by clicking at the link.

Android M Ringtones

If you are an android ringtones lover, we have a good news for you as well. Android M ringtones are now available for download and can be grabbed from the below given link. Keep in mind that these ringtones are taken from the developer preview of Android M and can change in the final release.


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