Download Android M Camera app for lollipop

Download Android M Camera app for lollipop

android m camera app

Google recently introduced the next version of Android, called the Android M. What M stands for still remains unknown, there are good chances that it could be one from our predicted list.

Android M comes with many improvements which include a dark system theme UI, Android Pay(just like Apple Pay), Fingerprint support(finally) and many more. Android M camera app has received an update and is now better than the previous versions.

Android M Camera App

If you would you like to have your hands on the new camera app, the only thing you need is a lollipop running Android device and you are good to go. Folks at XDA have extracted the camera app from Android M developer preview and have made it available for download.

However, the camera app seems to work only with the lollipop devices as of now. So, for Kitkat users, hard luck this time.

Bugs in Android M Camera app

Though the Android M camera app worked fine during out testing, yet it has a few minor glitches. For example the camera app gets force Closed while using Panorama mode.

It sometimes force closes on Lens Blur and HDR also. So, if you are willing to try the camera app on your lollipop device, be ready to bear with the bugs.

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Download Android M Camera App

All set to download Android M camera app? Download the Android M Camera 2.5.044 app apk from the below given link.

Download Android M Camera app

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Source: XDA


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