Cool Stuff For Cool Gadget Fans

Cool Stuff For Cool Gadget Fans

Technology fanatics have seen a variety of cool gadgets being developed throughout recent years. However, it seems that 2016 has been particularly generous in terms of innovative, fun creations that will make iconic must-haves cool gadgets for you or your loved ones. The modern adult needs his/her toys, whether incredibly functional smartphones or purely recreational drone-like machines. Technology has become more and more apt at delivering cool gadgets that will keep geeks and tech-fans all over the world constantly entertained.

Should you be pondering on a cool stuff to spoil yourself with? or just want to tap into creative genius of modern technology, than you are in the right place! This article will count down the top 5 must-have cool gadgets that seek for your attention and even shelter in your home, or pocket.

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5. The 6 Sensor Labs Nima food tester

For just $249, this little gadget can help you test food for gluten in under 2 minutes and find any trace of gluten. This sleek little device is a pyramid shaped, anti-body tester with a disposable pod.

Not only will this machine change the lives of those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, its appealing design and impressive functionality have rendered it a 2016 must-have. The Nima food tester won the $50,000 Hardware Battlefield grand prize and undoubtedly will the approval of many avid tech-heads.


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4. The Grillbot

When talking about cool stuff Imagine a cool gadget that could take away the one thing that is least enjoyable about barbecues – the grill clean-up process. The Grillbot does just that!

Priced at $129, this little robot features a rechargeable battery, 3 electric motors, and an LCD alarm to ensure full machine autonomy as it does its job. The robot comes with 3 replaceable metal bristles that facilitate both its cleaning process and its movement across the grill. This tiny cool bot is at the top of the summer cool stuff list and may change your barbecuing experience drastically. There is no learning curve in operating this puppy, set and go is pretty much all you have to do. Just note that it can only work on surfaces cooler than 200 degrees, and it might be safer to ensure the grill has completely cooled down before placing the bot on it.


 3. The Varia Vision Sunglass Mounting Device

This cool little gadget has been most acclaimed by cyclists all over. The little metallic band is clasped to the mount of your glasses, and not only sharpens your vision, but alerts you about traffic and directions you need to follow.

It has been deemed the future of cycling, and its prototypes have sold out at conventions and even online. For $400, you can drastically improve your cycling experience and most importantly, own one of the most sought-after, cool gadgets in the market!


2. The Lenovo Google Project Tango phone

What happens when one of the most popular laptop brands meets one of the biggest internet-related technology companies in the world? An exciting new smartphone that is already said to rival with the iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 like no other.

Though the company releasing the phone has been as mysterious as possible announcing their new product’s upcoming debut, speculation has been floating around about its breath-taking graphics, spectacular speed and incredible innovative functions. Whats even more exiting, is that google has announced that this cool gadget will be available for less than $500, making it both an appealing buy for yourself or a gift prospect for a loved one.


1.The DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone

An absolute favorite, this cool drone is more of a toy than anything else and it’s a brilliant one, according to its thousands of beguiled owners across the US. This drone is deemed as one of the most advanced of its kind.

Featuring astounding flight control, remarkable aerial photography, and a general ease of use unrivaled by its predecessors. The Phantom 3 has a HD 12 MP camera and a 6-axis gimbal system for HD 2.7K video that will allow you to capture anything, at any time and from virtually any angle. Now for just about $660 dollars, this incredible drone could be flying under your command.

With the speed of technological advancements comes a growth in following for all that is new, all that is cool and all that is tech. The beauty of these innovations is that they now offer you the leisure of pure, authentic pleasure. Whether you fly out your drone or tweet from your brand new Lenovo phone, the technological world is your oyster, willing to give you all the fun you seek in new and cool gadgets. One thing that’s required from you….is to make your pick and enjoy!


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  1. My husband definitely fits into the ‘tech geek’ mold, and he is also a photographer. There is so much cool stuff here in this post, but the gadget that jumps off the page at me is the drone. This will make the perfect gift for his birthday in a few weeks. He’ll get to mess around with a new toy AND be able to use that toy for work. I can only imagine the aerial photos he’ll be able to snap with this thing. Very cool stuff here!

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