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Electronic gadgets tell a lot about your style, taste and even personality. The watch you wear, the iPad or Mac you carry around, your favorite Geeky T-shirt or even the choice on your phone, all send a strong message about your taste and style. In the current tech age where time seems to shrink and everybody is on the move, tech companies have taken things a notch higher and devised wearable technology that you can carry around to literary any place you wish. We have compiled a list of top 5 wearable technology gadgets that are not only cool and fashionable, but also highly functional in their respective niches.

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Here is Our List of 5 Must Have Wearable Technology Gadgets

1. Interactive T-Shirts

Geeky T-shirts are not that new, but perhaps the newest thing about them in the latest tech twist incorporated. Now there is a version that comes with an equalizer on the chest that reacts to the sounds around you. All you need is to turn down the lights little bit and enjoy the flattering visual effect. Or better yet, find a nice corner spot in your favorite club and ��unintentionally’ turn a few heads with your new cool.

Interactive T-Shirts

Another common type of interactive shirts is those installed with electronic drum kit with 5-7 spots that generate sounds when one pushes down on them. These types are fairly cheap as they do not need advanced tech wizardry –all that is needed is an electronic mini-keyboard that you need to remove before hand washing.

2. Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses

This one uses a similar concept to Google glasses and they were featured in the CES 2013. They are Android based wearable computer enhanced tech glasses with an onboard processor and wearable monocular display. The glasses feature Android 4.0, GPS, 4GB storage and Wi-Fi, and connect to your Android smarphone via Bluetooth.


The M100 is designed for a wide range of enterprise applications. It comes with pre-installed apps that can be used to record and playback videos, take still pictures, track timed events and much more. The real deal about M100 is its compatibility with 1000s of existing Android apps. It’s currently used largely in fields such as remote sensing, telemedicine, utilities, manufacturing, warehousing and more.

3. USB Cufflinks

In the 3rd place of our wearable technology list is the USB cufflinks which add a professional look to your already formal and clean outfit. Each cufflink often carries 2 to 8 GB of storage and is available in silver, gunmetal or gold. These cufflinks allows a modern man to dress for success by having all the necessary information at hand, or rather on hand (literary). Whether you are carrying a slideshow for a family reunion or a report for a business presentation, you can always have them in these sleek, yet functional cufflinks.


You can even personalize this further by engraving your initials or even full name, up to 8 characters on your cufflinks at a small additional fee. Finally, a flash disk that you can actually wear, and have your name engraved on. Cool, huh?

4. Nike+ FuelBand

The Nike+ FuelBand is a wearable technology that allows you to track your daily exercise activities as well as calories burnet while exercising or doing any activities. It’s a wearable second generation pedometer that counts your steps, distance travelled and calories.



When you first activate your FuelBand and its pre-installed app, you will be required to enter your weight, height and age in order to calculate your calories. As you move, the FuelBand calculates your workout intensity through the app that lets you know how hard you have worked. Interestingly, the Nike+ FuelBand also measures the quality of your sleep and synchronizes it to your Smartphone. From the findings, you can check how deeply or long you slept, and how many times you work up.

The rubberized bracelet is hard and durable, and can sustain a beating from all kinds of activities such as football or skateboarding. It also has a bright LED display and a single sizable button that make it easier to monitor your immediate progress, calories and steps at a glance.

5. I’m Watch

The Italian Smartwatch runs on Android 2.1 and has so far proven to be a perfect smartphone companion. The I’m connects to your smartphone by Bluetooth and does essentially everything that your phone does once connected. You can read messages or emails, receive notifications and social media updates.


The watch features a small touchscreen and can also act as a hands-free device. It also has dedicated programmers and an app store with a full array of apps to cater for its unique ecosystem.


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