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Music Maniac Pro has rose to fame in the last few months. Though in Android world it has been a hit for quite some time now.

Finding and downloading music is something we all do. Sometimes we browse up the whole web to download our favourite mp3. I can bet almost all of us have mixed experiences as maximum sites for free mp3 downloads either don’t provide full tracks to download or provide tracks with poor sound quality.

Introduction of smartphone has changed the trends of downloading and listening music. Now-a-days the trend has shifted towards online music streaming instead of downloading free mp3. It saves memory and we can enjoy best quality music online. That’s where Music Maniac Pro comes into play.

Music Maniac Pro- The ultimate Android Music Downloader 

We always look for something that is free and provides good quality music. Trends have shifted towards using of apps instead of websites these days. A prime example of this is the popularity of Android apps.

So if music runs through your veins and you want something that’s really thrilling and you like getting premium quality tracks directly downloaded in your phone, Music Maniac Pro is the answer for you.

Use Music Maniac to Download legally free mp3 

Music Maniac Pro provides free songs to download through its downloader. Unlike all the other apps it lets you to download the tracks in your phone or SD card directly without any premium subscription!

These tracks are completely free and legal to download. So, there’s no need to worry about piracy and all.

Unique Features of Music Maniac Pro

Features are the things that make this app irresistible to refuse. Instead of having different apps get Music Maniac Pro and get your every desire of downloading music fulfilled. The design of the free Android music downloader app is very appealing.

The design follows material UI and a Blackish blue shade makes this app a premium looking one. Music Maniac Pro has all standard features like a free full track downloads and multiple download at a time without making the process slow.

Another trendy feature of this app is that if you have forget the track title, simply search by artists or genre of the songs. You can even search by the year of publications of the songs or album. If it’s a song of any movie, users can search the tracks by movie title also. Processes are very simple.

Budding Artist?- Showcase Here for free

if you are a budding artist then Music Maniac Pro is one of the best platform for you. You can list your album or songs here at free of cost though uploader can set a price tag also. Some musics carry a specific price also. But almost all are free here except some personal albums uploaded by the artists themselves.

Goldmine of numerous songs- Trendy and classic collection 

Searching the favourite songs has been made easier with Music Maniac Pro. Type the lyrics of first line of the tracks in the “search” option and it will automatically show the available songs’ list.


Select the one you have been searching for. A button of download will appear as soon as you hit search. Searching is fun in the library of Music Maniac Pro as it’s loaded with lacs of tracks where you will find tracks of 1980’s also and some legendary old songs too. Happiness breaks barrier when all of these come at free of cost!

Compact sized app that supports wide array of Android versions 

Another point which determines the probability of download is the size of the app. Music Maniac Pro is archived into a 5.17 MB file! It’s compact and powerful. Though the latest version of Android is 6.0, 50% of the Android phone are still running on a version below of 4.1 Jelly Bean.

If you have a phone with old Android version, don’t feel sad as the Music Maniac Pro apk supports all Android versions which are at least Android 2.3 or higher.


If you feel like Music Maniac Pro is an app that fits well with your music needs, than don’t hesitate to drop us a line and let us know what your feedback is.


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