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MP3skull is the most popular website that is used by people to illegally download music. Ever since the site was founded in 2010, it has been a thorn in the flesh for the corporate part of the music sector. Internet users however, cannot get enough of it and similar sites.

In today’s article, I will share with you everything you need to know about mp3 skulls, and will introduce to you the 5 best legal alternative sites that you can download free music from.

Reasons – For Mp3skull Popularity


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As of march 2015, the site has been getting over one million internet visitors per day. It is quite difficult to conclusively pinpoint the reasons for the sites popularity. There have been several suggestions forwarded as to why this is the case.

Currently, it is largely attributed to the fact that the site offers direct download links to music downloads on third party sites. Therefore the widespread popularity boils down to users being able to access copies of copyrighted music for absolutely no charge. If we are to face the truth here, all of us are attracted to free things subconsciously or otherwise.

Another possible reason for the site’s popularity is that mp3skull seemed to always be a step ahead of authority with its private domain shifting tactics. Even after penalties from authority search engines such as Google and complaints from copyright organization, mp3skull simply shifted domains or employed other evasive strategies. This made the complete seizure of the website very difficult if not nearly impossible.

Mp3skull Banned!

Before the 24th of February, 2015 the site had the web address, then users would be redirected automatically to and currently their web address is The site has also had a list of other domain tags. These are the least of reasons why mp3skull was banned.

The major reason could be attributed to the collective complaints and subsequent lawsuit from record labels and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The complaints indicated that the site was designed to promote the exploitation of unlimited copies of records without official authorization. The lawsuit claimed that mp3skull’s daily copyright infringement was massive, widespread and deliberate.

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The operators of the site do not do well in concealing their complacency in the matter. The website touts itself as the easiest way to listen to and download music while boasting its multimillion databases of links to high quality music downloads. Over the last five years mp3skull has compiled a wide array of indices of links with unauthorized copies of the most popular recordings.

The links are surprisingly well organized and published on the website. Mp3skull has risen to become one of the most notorious free music download sites on the internet. Through tactful social media campaigns, their reach is incredibly wide and affects the music industry on a global scale. A good number of internet users are quite aware of the nature of the site but the convenience of downloading free music it provides, seems to be too big a motivating factor.

Part of the reason that made mp3skull so difficult to curtail was the fact that its owners are unknown. The operators of the site function from outside the United States, somewhere in the Russian Federation. The website does not publish any information about its ownership or base of operations. This information is often concealed through private domain registrations.

In October and December 2013, the site’s domain registration was open to the public for a brief period. At the time, it was revealed that the site owner was Monica Vasilenko. The address was traced to Petrozavodsk in the Russian Federation.

Reaction To The Ban


There is speculation that there are between 1 and 10 people who are working with Monica Vasilenko in the day to day operations of the site. The real identity of these individuals is unknown to date. This could be the reason why the reaction to the ban has not been exactly positive and largely lackluster. The public had always been anticipating this move.

Although record labels, the music industry are artists welcomed the news, they were quick to state that this was just but a small battle whose victory does little to online piracy as a whole. The court’s decision to award the RIAA a total sum of $22 million in reparations costs following the law suit is bitter-sweet because they will not actually receive anything from the owners of mp3skull. No defendants appeared in any of the court proceedings and no one responded to the complaint claims.




There are numerous other sites that offer almost similar services but through legal channels. However, they still fall short in terms of the depth of music databases that mp3skull provided access to. In any case, these are still very legit sites to download music from and the best part is, you don’t have to worry about braking the law. As I promised, Below are several such sites where you can build your music library from.

1. Soundcloud


Numerous artists offer free downloadable records on Soundcloud through their verified profiles. It is a good platform to access really good music from relatively unknown artists as well as industry bigwigs.

Users also have access to the Creative Commons license records which they can freely download and modify. The major disadvantage of Soundcloud is that various artists do not always offer free music thus the spectrum is relatively limited.

2. Jamendo

jamendo-music-image and logo

Jamendo has one of the largest data repositories for free music online. The records are displayed in terms of popularity, most downloaded and latest releases and are based on ratings enabling users to quickly locate popular music.

3. Amazon


This online retail giant has a considerable collection of free music that is available to users and the list is expanding. The tracks are based on user reviews. The drawback of this site is the difficulty in navigation to the free content. Also, the user reviews can be sometimes biased and misleading.

4. - logo is a subscription service website that offers legal and mp3 downloads that are free of viruses. The main advantage of this site is that it’s an affordable premium service and also has a free version. The site is very user friendly and makes it easy to find your favorite tracks via an internal search engine.


This site is among the earliest legal free music download sites. The best thing about is its simplicity and its vast collection of free music across all genres and time periods. It also offers complementary autobiography of all artists therein. The only drawback is that the website’s features are not regularly updated.

The sad news is that following the legal shut down of the site, another similar version is already in operation at and the number of users is steadily increasing. This site however may not last long due to online streaming services gradually eliminating the need to download unauthorized music.






Who doesn’t know about Mp3skull also known as Mp3 Skull these days? Almost everyone of us is well acquainted with this website.

Music has been the oldest form of entertainment. Our generation has experienced the transition era of entertainment technology. In our childhood days we used to run after walkmans and cassette players but as the days passed cassette becomes compact disc and then smartphone came and did the magic.

We also love to have free music download so that we can dive into the world of songs of our choices. That’s when skull mp3 made their way on the Internet and changed the way we experience music forever.

Mp3 Skull: Download Music Easily

Mp3skull is undoubtedly one of the best sites that provide music download. Infact, in my opinion it is the best music and video download site.

The best part of mp3 skull is it’s awesome design and a very low website loading time that makes it easier for the users to download their favorite music.

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Download mp3 without worrying about data speed on Skull Mp3 

Let’s come to the song downloading features. A single click on the download button of a track is enough to start the download.

It’s Smart download manager enables us to download more than one track at a time. Finding the song we wish to plug into is very easy.


Every option is visible and easily navigable options are the added advantage of mp3 skulls. If you don’t want to download any track but stream it online then also mp3skull is the best for you. The thrilling part of this music site is that users can enjoy any track with ultimate quality in low data speed, even in 2G also!

Great Suggestion by “Top Download” Feature: Mp3Skull 

The star feature of this famous song downloading site is its “top download” option that is shown just after the main navigation panel. It is a list where the songs that are downloaded in highest numbers in last week are listed.

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You can download these songs to follow the trend of young generation. If you are a solo hunter then find the “search” option and enter the lyrics there and hit ENTER. The intelligent system will find out the real matches. Sometimes it automatically corrects the lines if you have entered the wrong lines (spelling mistake).

Forget Annoying ads- Enjoy great music on Mp3 Skulls

Many of us thought that mp3skull is an illegal site but actually the reality is different and if you have any query about this just have a look on its privacy policy where it has mentioned clearly that mp3skull provides free high quality music which are free from any legal bindings and users can share the downloaded songs with anyone else.

mp3skull (1)

Like some other music downloading sites there is no annoying advertisement and no irritating survey. One tap download makes the enjoyment of getting music online more interesting. If you are going for mp3 skulls, then there is no need to have any Android app for music download because without occupying any phone storage, skull mp3can do the same thing and in some cases it’s even better than the other apps also.

Easy download, fast loading site and great music library are the unique special points for mp3 skull and without any doubt it shares the maximum users’ preferences while downloading free music online.

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