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Another beast from HTC, the HTC One ME9 is about to make its way into the Indian market. A few days earlier a plastic dummy of M9e was spotted in a TENAA(China’s FCC) certification datbase listing.


However, it seems that the device will be named ME9 instead of M9e and will be launched in India soon. The indications came from an import listing of 1400 dummy units which have reached the country on May 8. HTC seems to be updating the display shelves for the launch of the device in near future.


The listing shows two separate units with different serial numbers which indicate towards two different color options. It’s kind of a more affordable version of HTC One M9+ and is expected to feature 5.2-inch QHD display, Mediatek MT6795 chipset and 3GB of RAM.

Here are the full specification:

  • MediaTek chipset with 2.2GHz octa-core processor
  •  5.2-inch Quad HD display,
  • 3GB RAM
  • 20MP main camera
  • UltraPixel front shooter
  • microSD card slot
  • fingerprint reader

Source: MakeTechBlog

android m update

Android is undoubtedly one of the most famous operating system for smartphones. By providing timely updates, Google has made sure that Android never looses its market share.

android m update

Google has adopted a pretty unique way of naming the new versions of Android. Any new Android release is named after a dessert in an alphabetical order. For example, the latest version of Android is 5.0 named Android L where L stands for Lollipop, while the previous version of Android was Android Kitkat. Here’s the complete list of all the major Android release in chronological order.

Android 1.0       Alpha
Android 1.1        Beta
Android 1.5       CupCake
Android 1.6       Donut
Android 2.0      Eclair
Android 2.2      Froyo
Android 2.3      Ginger Bread
Android 3.0      Honeycomb
Android 4.0      Ice Cream Sandwich
Android 4.1       Jelly Bean
Android 4.4       Kit Kat
Android 5.0       Lollipop

At Google I/O 2015, we may see an announcement for the release of Android 6.0 aka Android M. However there is no official statement on what could be the name of this release. So, here we are with our prediction of what the M in Android M could stand for.

Possible Android M Name

1) Milkshake: This could be an interesting name for the new Android release. Looking at the trends on how google names Android, this could be the name for the next release.


2) Marshmallow: Marshmallow is actually a sugar candy and could be another very good name for the next release. Thus its a great contender for possible android m name.

marshmallow android

3) MoonPie: Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Could be the next android m name.

Android moonpie

4) Muffin: This could be the most probable name for the next Android release.


So, these are our prediction for Possible Android M name. What’s yours? Do let us know in the comments section below.


Smartphones have undoubtedly made accessing information a lot easier. In the pre smartphone era, one had to go through a lot of hassels to get the updates which mattered to them. Since Smartphones made way in our lives, getting the essential updates become super easy.

One thing that almost everyone like to keep themselves updated with is the weather updates of their location. Having the knowledge of how weather will behave in the near future gives you an upper hand in making schedules.

Since Android has launched, getting weather updates has become even more easier. With dozens of app available in the play store, one can easily know how the weather is expected to behave in the upcoming hours. So, today we are here with a list of the 10 Best weather apps for your Android:

1) The Weather Channel:


The Weather channel is one of the most widely used weather update app for Android. It keeps the users up-to-date with the latest and accurate weather updates. This app comes with tons of features which include hourly, weekly, 10 days forecast option.

It also keeps the user updated with wind speed, humidity, UV index, pressure, dew points like important information. It features a slick yet very modern interface, thus providing a seamless experience to the user. The best aspect of this app is that it features a weather related videos section too, which contains weather update related clips from all around the world.

Developer: The Weather Channel

Compatibility:- Varies with device

Availability: Google Play

2) 1Weather:


No matter how short the list is, 1Weather will always make its way in to the list of best weather apps for android. With the awesome graphics, design and a straight forward setup, 1Weather makes accessing latest weather updates a child’s play. Like any other weather app, it also provides latest updates of wind speed, UV index, temperature etc.

In addition to the regular features, 1Weather also provides precipitation info, a very stylish looking animated sunrise and sunsets, along with a very accurate weather forecast system. 1Weather has incorporated live weather backgrounds and live animated radars for sever weather conditions. The app comes with many home screen widgets to get quick access to the latest updates. The widgets are not only good looking but are super responsive.

Developer: OneLouder apps

Compatibility:- Varies with device

Availability: Google Play

3) Accuweather:


If you are a serious weather addict, one app that you must have on your android phone is Accuweather. With its mostly accurate weather updates, Accuweather won the hearts of users very quickly. One thing that distinguishes Accuweather from other weather update apps is the RealFeel index feature which suggests how the outdoor temperature will feel like actually, instead of just showing the temperature data.

It comes pre-loaded with lots of graphs, maps, radars etc. Along with these, it also provides video weather forecast of your region. However, one thing that put users off is its not so good design. Otherwise its a must to have app for android users.


Compatibility:- Varies with device

Availability: Google Play

4) Yahoo Weather:


If we have to select one app from the list which is the easiest to use, it will be none other than Yahoo Weather app. It’s a free weather app for Android with such a clean and clutter free UI, that it makes the user its fan right after using it for the first time. It comes with a feature of auto changing background images, which it fetches from Flickr.

The app keeps the user updated by constantly providing weather notifications in the status bar and also in the various kinds of widget that comes bundled with it.

Developer: Yahoo Weather

Compatibility:- Varies with device

Availability: Google Play


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5) Weather Underground:


Weather Underground is another awesome app in the list. Weather Underground goes another step ahead and combines the service of over 33,000 weather stations to offer more accurate weather updates.

Weather Underground provides a more personalized experience as it provides an option to the user to update the weather information of their area, thus providing you the exact information of the weather of that location. It has a very smooth UI and provides the user with almost all the updates in a single page, thus makes accessing information a lot easier.

Developer: Weather Underground

Compatibility:- Varies with device

Availability: Google Play

6) HD Widgets:


HD Widgets is kind of an all in one app for weather updates. It not only allows the user to create their own custom weather widgets but also provides the option to switch between several weather information services such as Weatherbug, Weather Underground, Accuweather etc. This gives the user to quickly have a look on weather information from several weather information services instead of relying on one.

HD widgets acts as one stop solution for all your weather update needs. It saves you from the hassle of instaling several weather update apps to get information. Along with these, it also comes with pre-installed widgets to show the battery info, Settings toggles and more.

However, this app has a habit of excess power consumption and thus reduces the battery life to a good extent. But the developer claims to have fixed the battery issue with recent updates. Overall, its a good app to have on your Android phone.


Compatibility:- Varies with device

Availability: Google Play

7) Arcus Weather:


Arcus weather is yet another very good app for getting latest weather updates. It comes with a pretty looking material design with Home screen widgets and customizable data points. One of the features of this app is that it provides weather updates even when the location services are unavailable or turned off.

Like other weather apps, it also provides prior notifications in case of severe weather. Another great aspect of this app is that it works perfectly with Android wear. So, users can get latest weather updates directly on their android wear.

Developer: Labrys Software

Compatibility:- Varies with device

Availability: Google Play

8) Weather Bug:


WeatherBug is definitely a worthy mention in the list.  With a decent design, and a simple to use interface, it makes accessing the latest updates easier. It provides the latest weather forecast along with warnings for severe weather in your locality. The app is highly customizable and adopts to the user’s lifestyle to show whether it is safe to go outside or not in a particular weather condition.

Another great addition to this app is its ability to keep you updated with the traffic status of your area. The developers have incorporated traffic camera with the app such that it tells the user about any traffic jam in their path.

Developer: Earth Networks

Compatibility:- Varies with device

Availability: Google Play

9)Google Now


Google Now offers tons of features in the form of cards and one such feature is the live update of weather information of the area. The weather card, as Google calls it, displays the daily forecast of weather of your current location, your work location and even your travel destination.

The design is very Google like with a simple, minimalist interface. The app also comes with a card for public alerts, which updates the user with emergency information which is fetched directly from National Weather Services and the U.S. Geological survey.

Developer: Google Inc

Compatibility:- Varies with device

Availability: Google Play

10) Go Weather:


Go Weather app keeps the user updated with a reliable and accurate weather information. With a well designed user interface, the app gives good competition to other weather apps in the market. In addition to the weather forecast, Go Weather also provides sunrise and sunset information, wind speeds and more.

Go Weather also comes with a live wallpaper preinstalled which displays the various weather information with appropriate backgrounds such as a dark and cloudy background in case of a rain forecast. Also, it comes with several widgets which can be used to get live information right on the home screen.

Developer: Go Launcher Ex

Compatibility:- Varies with device

Availability: Google Play

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So, this was our list of the 10 Best weather app for Android. Which one did you like? Do let us know in the comments section below.

htc one m9+ launched

So, after uneiveling HTC One M9+ in China, HTC has something good to offer to Indian customers. HTC One M9+ has been launched in India. So, the company looks determined to to get a good response from Indian market for its new MediaTek-powered smartphone.

What’s New in HTC One M9+

htc one m9+ launched

HTC One M9+ is the new flagship phone from HTC, which aims to take on Samsung Galaxy S6. The M9+ is a larger variant of M9  and features a large 5.2-inch Quad-HD (1440×2560 pixels) display. It comes with Android 5.0.2 lollipop with HTC’s famous Sense UI 7 on top. It sports a fingerprint sensor beneath the home button and will also support bio-metric authentication for payment system. Though the payment system is available currently for China only, it is expected to come to Indian users also.

The HTC One M9+ is powered by 2.2GHz octa-core MediaTek MT6795T processor. Adding to the powerful configuration is 3 GB of RAM, which will surely provide a lag free experience to the users. The device comes with an inbuilt storage of 32 GB, however it expandable upto 128GB(by microSD card).

Like any other HTC device, the best aspect of the device is its Camera. With an UltraPixel front camera, taking selfies will be a great experience altogether. The primary camera is a 20 Mega pixel one. Thus the M9+ is definitely going to be a good choice for camera lover smartphone users.

The only drawback to of the device is its price factor. It is launched in India for a whopping price of Rs 52,500. But with this device HTC is clearly aiming the high end range smartphones section and are planning to give Galaxy S6 a tough competition.

The device would be available for sale in second half of May. So, would you buy this device? Do let us know in the comments section below.

HTC has always been known for their good looking yet powerful devices. And in recent years, HTC has made a good image even in the software field, with good looking software that actually works. The HTC Sense UI that HTC installs on its Android devices has always been liked a lot by the users because of its Uncluttered and lag free UI.

Anyone who has ever used an HTC Android smartphone, definitely knows about the Blinkfeed app that comes pre-installed with the smartphone as a replacement for the default Android home screen app. It provides a unique experience by pulling out your social feeds from various social networks right at one screen.

HTC-Sense-Home-- (1)

Moving in the same direction, HTC has provided a new app called the HTC Sense Home, which replaces the Blinkfeed app. However the new app can also be considered an update for the Blinkfeed app. The HTC Sense Home app takes the HTC experience to a whole new level. It comes with several new features which the users have been requesting for a while.

One such feature is the inclusion of Themes section in the Sense Home app. Now, the users can choose how they want their homescreen to look like. Their is a very wide range of themes that are available to be downloaded. The themes include wallpapers, icons within them, so when a user applies any theme he gets a totally different looking home screen.

HTC Sense Home

Also, the users can choose wallpapers from the tons of wallpapers available in the Wallpapers section. The best part is, it’s all for free. So, unlike companies like Apple, HTC believes in providing good experience to the user without shelling anything extra out of the user’s pocket.

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Also, the HTC Sense Home comes with a new and improved HTC Sense Home widget which keeps you updated with the latest weather details by automatically detecting your location(it is very accurate) and also lets you know the current time. It also suggests you apps by smartly analyzing your daily usage.

So, overall it’s a great update to the Blinkfeed app. You should definitely update to the latest version of HTC Sense Home app to get a more personalized experience.

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HTC, is known for its quality products. Be it their smaprtphones hardware or the Sense UI that they provide with the smartphones, they have always focused on providing a great quality experience for their users.

Along with the Sense UI, HTC bundles also bundles some apps with their smartphone. These apps include, HTC Clock, HTC Camera, HTC Dot View, HTC Connect, HTC Lock Screen, HTC Zoe and a few more. HTC users have always liked the unique interface and ease of access of these apps. The Taiwanese company has also enlisted these apps on the Google Play Store, making the installation or removal of the apps easier and thus puts the user in control of the apps they want to use.

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Working in the same direction, HTC has recently uneviled a few new apps which have made their way into Play Store. These new apps include HTC Tasks, HTC Speak and HTC Calendar.

HTC Calendar

As the name suggests, HTC Calendar is the Calendar app from our beloved company. It comes with a good user interface and tons of options for users. It also comes with an option of syncing your calendar events with your PC using the HTC Sync Manager.

HTC Calendar


 HTC Tasks

It is yet another app from HTC which has been added recently to the Play Store. It is a simple productivity app which allows the user to add tasks to their To-Do list. Users can also add details such as locations using map in the Task details.

HTC Takshtctasks2

HTC Speak

This one is the most interesting of all the recently launched apps. HTC Speak is a voice commands similar to Google Now. With Speak, HTC is trying to provide an alternate of the Google Now for HTC users. The users can tap the microphone icon in the dialer app and say someone’s name or their phone number to initiate the call.

HTC Speak

HTC, with these utility apps is trying to provide a unique experience to HTC smartphone users. However HTC, still lags behind other companies in providing latest Android updates to their users. So, this is one aspect where HTC must look into.

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Did you like the new apps? Which one is your favorite and why? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Update: As per our prediction, HTC has now rolled out lollipop update for HTC Desire 816. The update is of around 838 MB, so better connect to Wifi to update. In the mean time, Subscribe to our blog to get the latest news about your desire 816. We will be reviewing the new features of the lollipop update very soon, so stay tuned.


htc desire 816 lollipop ypdate

HTC Desire 816, the 5.5 inch phablet from HTC gave almost a new life to the Taiwan based company. With a good hardware configuration and refreshing HTC Sense UI, it won the hearts of customer and went  on to became the best smartphone of the year.

HTC Desire 816 lollipop update

Since its launch, HTC Desire 816 users have been waiting for the Android 5.0 lollipop update for their smartphone. However, till now, there wasn’t any official confirmation on when the updates will be rolled out. A few days earlier, leaked images have revealed the update schedule of lollipop for HTC users, but the credibility of the source wasn’t verified.

HTC Desire 816 lollipop Update

But, now there is a good news for the HTC Desire 816 users. A senior HTC custom ROM developer @LlabTooFeR, recently came forward and tweeted that the owners of Desire 816 will get Android 5.0 Lollipop update most probably by next month. Here is the tweet:

The Android 5.0 lollipop update will bring tons of new and improved features. Also it is expected to increase the battery life of the Desire 816, which according to the users is an issue with the device.

The upate will bring lots of changes in the UI of the device. However their is no confirmation yet about whether the lollipop update will come with HTC Sense 7. We will update here as soon as we get more details. In the mean time, you can subscribe to our blog so that you don’t miss out important updates.

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Are you waiting for the lollipop update for your HTC Desire 816? What issues would you like the update to solve? Do let us know in the comments section below.


Another beast from HTC, the HTC One ME9 is about to make its way into the Indian market. A few days earlier a plastic dummy of...

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