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Android M recently got unveiled at the I/O Conference where Google showcased some of the upcoming features of the OS. Though Google kept mum on what the M stands for, we have a whole list of prediction ready for you.

Google gave us a glimpse of how the Android M launcher might look like once Android M makes its way in the 3rd Quarter of this year. Many users have been looking for a way to Download Android M launcher on their existing Android devices. If you are one of them, worry not, we have got you covered.

Android M Launcher

Folks at XDA managed to export the Android M Launcher from the Android M Developer preview so that the users can have a feel of what the next generation of Android launcher would like.

download android m launcher

However, the Android M Launcher currently works only on lollipop devices. So, if you are still running Kitkat or older versions, hard luck this time. If you are an HTC Desire 820 user, you can update to lollipop using our guide.

How-To Install Android M Launcher

Before we get into the installation procedure, you need to download the below mentioned files.

[box type=”download” align=”” class=”” width=””]Download Android M Velvet.apk (Google App version)[/box]
[box type=”download” align=”” class=”” width=””]Download Google Now Launcher apk ( version)[/box]

Once you have downloaded the mentioned apk files, go ahead and install them on your lollipop device. After successful installation of the apps, set Google Now Launcher as your default launcher.

android m launcher

Now that you are done with all the steps, you can see that new Android M launcher has become your default home screen. Also the app drawer is now arranged alphabetically.

During our testing, we found the launcher to be pretty responsive. It performed way better than the original lollipop launcher. You can check out Android M launcher running video below.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]You may like to check:

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Source – XDA

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android m camera app

Google recently introduced the next version of Android, called the Android M. What M stands for still remains unknown, there are good chances that it could be one from our predicted list.

android m camera app

Android M comes with many improvements which include a dark system theme UI, Android Pay(just like Apple Pay), Fingerprint support(finally) and many more. Android M camera app has received an update and is now better than the previous versions.

Android M Camera App

If you would you like to have your hands on the new camera app, the only thing you need is a lollipop running Android device and you are good to go. Folks at XDA have extracted the camera app from Android M developer preview and have made it available for download.

However, the camera app seems to work only with the lollipop devices as of now. So, for Kitkat users, hard luck this time.

Bugs in Android M Camera app

Though the Android M camera app worked fine during out testing, yet it has a few minor glitches. For example the camera app gets force Closed while using Panorama mode.

It sometimes force closes on Lens Blur and HDR also. So, if you are willing to try the camera app on your lollipop device, be ready to bear with the bugs.

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Download Android M Camera App

All set to download Android M camera app? Download the Android M Camera 2.5.044 app apk from the below given link.

Download Android M Camera app

Do let us know whether you liked the Android M camera app in the comments section below.

Source: XDA

android m update

Google recently took the curtains off from the next version of Android. Following the naming sequence, this version of Android is being refereed as Android M.We made a prediction of what the M in Android M could stand for,however there isn’t any official confirmation yet.

Just like any other version of Android, Android M also comes with new wallpapers and ringtones. Since, Android M is still in developer preview, there is only one wallpaper available as of now but more wallpapers are expected to come once the OS is released in 3rd Quarter of this year.

Check: Download Android M Camera App

Download Android M Wallpaper

Android M wallpaper

You can Download Android M wallpaper in High Resoultion by clicking at the link.

Android M Ringtones

If you are an android ringtones lover, we have a good news for you as well. Android M ringtones are now available for download and can be grabbed from the below given link. Keep in mind that these ringtones are taken from the developer preview of Android M and can change in the final release.


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