Atari Breakout Game- Play Online

Atari Breakout Game- Play Online


If you are a fan of video gaming then Atari Breakout is definitely going to mesmerize you. There are high chances that you have played this game. The Atari 2600 can be undoubtedly said to be the mother of all the modern gaming consoles.

It was produced in the 1970s and till now it has been successful in maintaining its unbeaten and most versatile systems of all the games ever released. In this console, the Atari breakout is one of the oldest game, and was called as a Super Breakout. The game looks really simple. All you have to do is hit a play a pong to hit a ball at a certain brick wall. But in this complete review, we are going to share the key features of this game that make it really awesome.

Atari Breakout Gameplay:

We shall give the gameplay a full 10/10 since it is rally easy to use. You can make use of the paddle controller for operating this game. Spin the wheel left for going in left and then spin it on a right to go right. Just press the button to make the ball appear.

The objective of this game is to smash the ball through all the bricks till the bricks are gone. There are 48 different possibilities and you can have a game that you can really spend your free time. Now, the best part is not over yet.

The ball can fly; you have to be really alert because if you hit the top row, a speedball is coming in your direction. And if you do not like breaking the bricks then you have the option of a breakthrough.

Story/Premise of the Breakout Game

The story is really engaging; we bet you can’t just move your attention to any other things. You have to smash your way through thick wall bricks and make the great escape. The first few bricks seem to be really easy, but as you move forward it gets really tough.

Be careful! The ball you are using for smashing the bricks might play a trick on you. Now, the best part is with such an engaging story why not a sequel? Yes, there is a sequel and that is called Super Breakout! That is based on outer space.

Sound Quality

Well, about the sound we shall give it an 8/10. The sound does not fall “that” short of expectations, but we believe it could be enhanced a little bit more. The audio shall be a bit better if the beep-boop of the bouncing ball sound is reduced and other effects are added. But the bouncing effects of sound were varied at some times which are appreciable.

Sometimes it is a standard beep while other times it is just a clink. It depends on what type of mode you are playing and what color you have hit. The best part of the sound you get when the scorecard is trying to keep up along with butt-kicking on screen. Now this sound is really refreshing.

Video Quality:

We also need to consider the graphics. In this aspect, it will be a real injustice if we consider the graphics with PlayStation or Nintendo of the present times. The time and technology need to be remembered. In that time, presenting such a smooth graphics is really commendable. And for this, we shall offer a 10/10 for the video and graphics.

The graphics are really unique because everything comes in different colors. The blocks have their own unique color and the black background is just perfect for this. Even the paddle changes colors. The speed of video paddle is not limited like any other games and it moves at the same rate like the paddle controller. To stat each turn, red button on controller needs to be pressed.

For the game that originated in the 80s, supersonic has done a really great job with a graphics upgrade. The camera is static but the textures bring in a nice clarity. Breakout also uses the third dimension look and feel. Sometimes the brick is stacked on top o each other that results in crash down since the bricks below are blasted away.

Atari Breakout – Control:

The Atari controls were not really up to the mark initially, but this game started using the paddle controls after its upgrade. And since you won’t have to use the joystick, there are no complaints about the game controls of Atari breakthrough.

The video paddle is divided into four sections and every section has different rebound angle so you can anticipate where the ball is going to move. But to make it more addictive and engaging, the rebound angle becomes really sharp after you make the eighth hit.

And after the sixteenth hit, it becomes less sharp again. Now, after the forty-eighth hit, the paddle shall be divided into two sections again and now each rebound angle becomes 45 degrees. To become an expert in this, you need to have a fair bit of practice.

A critical overview of the game

Hitting the wall in the same place every time makes it really breaking a path through it. And once a ball breaks the walls it bounces back again to the top and he bricks of the top screen is knocked out until again it breaks back to the bottom.

But one of the disturbing things is, when this happens, the paddle is reduced to half of the original size and it becomes really difficult to keep the ball in play. But with a little more attention and a finer control, you can totally demolish h wall. The key factor in hitting the ball back is in the anticipation where it is going to hit the bottom. If you wait, you will be too late!


Atari Breakout is just the perfect game for those who are really on the search for some action packed engaging game. This is suitable for any aged individuals. We highly recommend this game, so don’t make delay, just go for it, and let us know what you feel in the comments section below.


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