Should You Ditch Your iPhone 6S For An iPhone 7

Should You Ditch Your iPhone 6S For An iPhone 7


After Apple officially announced the release of their newest iPhone 7, I was immediately struck by the question that has haunted every iPhone fan since the beginning of time: Is it time to upgrade my iPhone?

As a long time follower of the iPhone series, and the owner of an elegant silver 6S, my instinctive reaction to this news was to run to the store and buy it. After making several calls and waiting in lines for hours… I got back home and opened the box I starting pondering on whether I took a premature decision, or was the iPhone 7 everything that my friends were saying?

Some critics say that the iPhone 7 is a decent evolution from the 6S, essentially and upgrade from an upgrade, but that it’s not a big improvement from it. Yet, after using my latest acquisition for a couple of days I noticed several key changes that made it worth the effort.

Upgraded Features Of iPhone 7


The first thing I noticed is that both phones are essentially of the same size, but while for my last phone I chose the Silver model, with the iPhone 7 I just had to pick the new Jet Black color, which I found to be incredibly classy and it reminds me a lot of the Matrix (which happens to be my favorite movie series of all time). And while I wasn’t a big fan of antenna bands in my iPhone 6S, the bright black on my iPhone 7 antenna bands create a beautiful contrast with the dark black finish.


Both phones have basically the same screen size, but the iPhone 7 has a greater variety of colors and displays them beautifully. Not only does it have a wider color palette, but the definition looks bigger, which I realized as soon as I watched the first video. The people and locations looked so alive in comparison with my old iPhone 6 screen – which already has fantastic screen qualities.

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Part of the reason for the improved graphics is that the iPhone 7 has a monstrous quad core processor which can work twice as fast as the iPhone 6 dual core. Basically, two of the iPhone 7 weakest cores take care of low-demanding processing tasks like checking your email or writing a text message, while the more powerful ones handle the demanding tasks, like graphics or internet downloads.

The two extra hours on the iPhone 7 battery don’t hurt either, and came handy whenever I was stuck in traffic or on a shopping line. But even better is the fact that my new phone’s download speed is 50% higher than that of my old iPhone 6S, which means that I can download my music files faster, and the extra 16GB of storage gives me plenty of room where to save my favorite records.

Lastly I should mention that although I’ve never been a fan of using the phone in the bathroom, I’ve seen several impressive tests that demonstrate the iPhone 7 waterproofing capabilities. So if you’re one of those users who like to text while they’re in the bathroom or taking a shower, now you can do it without having to worry about getting it soaked while you make a quick check for messages or need to send a text that can’t wait any longer.


The iPhone 7 definitely means a huge boost in performance. As a big Netflix fan this means that I can now watch my favorite shows whenever I go to my parent’s house and still enjoy an amazing video quality close to that of my HD TV. No jumps on the video, no pixelation and no freezing of the screen when I see high-definition videos.

The audio quality is simply amazing. The iPhone 7 is the first member of the iPhone series to offer stereo sound, which means that now I can watch a movie while my phone creates the illusion of surrounding sound coming from different directions. This creates a much more enriching sound experience similar to what you hear when you watch a film in a movie theatre.

But there’s a price to pay for it. The iPhone 7 doesn’t come with the standard headphone jack, because that space was used to install an additional speaker, which means that you’re going to have to spend more money on a special adapter if you wish to connect your phone to external speakers.

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The camera is one of the iPhone 7 strongest qualities, because even though it shares the same 12 MP definition with the iPhone 6S, in terms of picture quality the iPhone 7 is miles ahead. Its camera has a larger aperture and this allows it to take quality photos even in dimly lighted environments. So much in fact that I’ve taken selfies as late as 6 PM which still had excellent contrast and colors.

The iPhone 7 also supports the Raw image file which allows users to have more creative freedom on how they chose to edit their photos. Previous models automatically edited some features of your pictures before they actually saved them and showed them to you. Now the iPhone 7 Raw controls allow you to save your images exactly as the camera took them, and edit them as you like.



Lastly, If you’re seriously interested in photography then you will be gladly surprised by the iPhone 7 camera capacity to take photos with a shallow depth of field. As somebody who is passionate for amateur outdoor photography and hiking, this has allowed me to take high-quality photographs without having to carry a heavy digital camera on my back all the time.

So there you have it. My own personal experience as a user of both the iPhone 6S and 7.

Regardless of the hype, and criticism, that surrounds the launching of any new iPhone models, the iPhone 7 stands for a few, but key improvements. If you want a phone that takes better images, has bigger and better processing capabilities, enhanced graphics and audio then the iPhone 7 is definitely the right choice for you.

But if you’re somebody who isn’t into photography, gaming or streaming videos, then you’re old iPhone 6S probably has more than you’ll ever need. Besides, who knows what the iPhone 8 might bring?


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