How To Fix 0xc00007b ERROR

How To Fix 0xc00007b ERROR


0xc00007b “the application was unable to start correctly”. This is an error a lot of Windows users face on a regular basis. There could be many reasons behind the occurring of 0xc00007b error. In this article, we will be discussing an easy way by which you can get rid of this error.

There could be a variety of reasons for this error to pop-up. The most common among them is when a 32-bit app tries to execute itself in a 64-bit system. To get your app working, just follow the mentioned steps and you will be good to go.

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Solved: 0xc00007b “the application was unable to start correctly”

Here are the solution to the issue you are facing. Try following each step to get rid of the issue.

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Solution 1: Re-install Directx

Step 1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\System32
Step 2: Locate and delete the following files:

“xinput1_1.dll”, “xinput1_2.dll”, “xinput1_3.dll” and all other files started with xinput1_*.dll.

Step 3: Once the files are deleted, click the link below to download and run the DirectX setup

5. Now Run the downloaded file and install Directx. Once the installation is completed reboot your computer.

This should most probably solve the problem of “the application was unable to start correctly 0xc00007b“. In case it doesn’t, try the next solution.

Solution 2: Re-install .NET Framework

Many a times, these issues are caused by a faulty .net framework. I would suggest reinstalling the framework.

Download latest .net framework from here, install it and restart your computer. Your problem should get solved now.

Well, that’s it. Now your problem should be solved. In case you are still facing 0xc00007b error, drop in your comment below. I will personally help you to solve it. If the tutorial worked for you, feel free to share it.


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  1. I downloaded a game real boxing for pc from and when i was installing the game i realize that it was freezing and acting weird. Nonetheless it installed and then i tried to to upgrade to windows 8.1 i didnt work so i went from 8 pro to windows 10 which was grt. Now i see all my other games get that error since installing real boxing. help plz and i have tried that link to direct x and all i get is upgrade to win 10 and to download a tool. i already have win 10.

  2. Running windows 10 64-bit. Trying to play sims 4 and I get this error message. Have tried both of these options but Directx did not fix it (by the way, the link here just leads to downloading windows 10 which I already have) and .NET framework says I’m already up to date and cannot download. I’ve tried everything at this point. Any suggestions?

  3. Hi, I tried everything you said, I mean, everything. Along with a couple additional methods I found. But none of them worked on my new PC running windows 10.
    However, I installed the same programs on my laptop, lower specs, and they ran. But not on the desktop.

  4. Need Help to resolve the error. We run Citect32 (Industrial SCADA) application & while installing SQL2012 for data logging, looks like the dll files have got fixed up.
    So the original application Citect32.EXE throws up the error again & again. Have uninstalled SQL, uninstalled VC++, reinstalled .NET & still the problem persists.
    A quick support from you would be much appreciated.

  5. Hi Sarvesh,

    Trying to implement your first suggestion on a Win 7 64-bit – but there’s no such files in C:\Windows\System32. The only one that’s close is XInput9_1_0.dll.

    The same file also exists in C:\Windows\SysWOW64.

    Searching my PC, I did fine xinput1_3.dll in two locations:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\48.0.2564.116
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\49.0.2623.87

    xinput1_1.dll and xinput1_2.dll could not be found.

    Kindly advise if I can still move forward with this solution, and if so – how? I am unable to run the IEtab extension on Chrome anymore (it’s asking me to install some sort of a patch due to some changes made by Google recently, and when I try installing it, that’s when I get this annoying 0xc00007b error).

    Thank you very much!

  6. hey
    its good that it worked for you but i am still facing the issue so i kindly request you to assist me for the same

  7. Hi, i’m trying to get “citra” (3ds emulator) to work with no success, i have successfully done both of the steps above with no results, please help?

  8. i had installed the game pes 15 and when i start the game iget the above mentioned error plzz help me i had win 7 on my pc

  9. I have the same error and seems nothing works to fix it. I was working ok till yesterday: 22-04-2016. then, all changed: the games I was running ok suddenly they stoped to open correctly and apeared the issue: 0xc000007b. I have been trying all I can do: uninstalling recent updates, oldest ones too… I tryed windows restore, and nothing. I installed all .dll that were missing. I used: microsoft fix it tool, but the same. Now I really do not know what to do to fix it. Any help will be greatfully super good..! Than You for the help anyone can provide to make it works..! =)

  10. Hi I tried both options and I am still receiving the error message. I couldn’t delete xinput1_4.dll because the message that I need permission to delete it still pops up even tho I click ok as administrator. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  11. hey i can’t delete the xinput1_4 because i don’t have the permission to do that and when i tried to install the .NET Framework the device gave me a message that the last version is already installed on the dives so what can i do in this case?

  12. I am still having the error message after removing the XInput files from system 32 folder and clicking the directX link and installing the new directX.
    I then tried the .NET link but got the messgae I already had a later update installed so that failed.

    Not getting very far, im afraid.

  13. Thanks for the in-depth and simple solution. It made sense to me, and I’m a novice when it comes to most technical computer stuff. So, if I can follow this, I’m sure more people can.

  14. Who knew this could be so simple? I didn’t realize there was such an easy fix. Great guide with easy to follow steps! Thanks!!

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