How To Fix 0x00000116 Error

How To Fix 0x00000116 Error


0x00000116 is a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error which appears while starting the PC. After loading the “Windows Logo” suddenly full screen is flashed with an error and the screen turns blue. This type of blue screens is enough to shoot up the blood pressure. This error code indicates that something happens damn wrong in your system so we need to handle it and remove as quickly as possible.

0x00000116- What it is

There is nothing new in this Windows error. Like all the BSOD errors it comes up due to some problems in the hardware drivers. 0x00000116 occurs due to malfunctions in Graphics driver. Our PCs run with the support of many drivers and files so if some files get damage only then you receive such irritating type of problems in random.

Error code 0x00000116 is a basic stop error. Our systems get stopped and freezed when the screen is flashed. It resists us from performing any activity on the system. After that, Windows suddenly gets crashed without any prior notification.

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Below mentioned things are counted as the main symptoms that indicates that we need a thorough diagnosis of the system.

  • 0x00000116 appears frequently and crashes the active and running program window.
  • “STOP 0x00000116” is displayed on the screen. This indicates that an attempt to reset the display driver installed in the system has taken place but timeout.
  • Windows starts sluggishly and responds in a very slow manner and even takes mouse or keyboard input with lots of errors.
  • PC screen periodically “freezes” for a few moments at a time.

Error 0x00000116- Reason Behind it

Damaged files in our systems cause error 0x00000116 in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Windows operating systems have numerous supporting files which help the whole system run properly.

If any of these gets deleted or gets corrupted, systems start showing some unwanted message.  When Windows can’t meet the proper requirement for running itself it starts flashing the error of 0x00000116.

  • If the drivers are configured incorrectly. It’s the common reason behind this BOSD error.
  • Corrupted Windows errors can cause this typical error sometimes.
  • Malware or virus attacks may cause this strange behavior of the system.
  • Conflicts in the drivers once the drivers are installed.
  • Corrupted drivers or software cause this kind of issues.
  • Error 0x00000116 blue screen is sometimes caused by a damaged hard disk.
  • Defective RAM can be another culprit behind this Windows error.

Error 0x00000116- How to fix it

There some ways to fix this windows error easily. If it’s associated with software then doing some tweaks it can be fixed within few minutes but if the problem is in the hardware of the system, then changing the malfunctioned hardware is the only option.

Repair registry Entries

  • To proceed, click the Start
  • In the search box, type “command
  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER together.
  • A permission box will appear. Click OK on it.
  • Then type “regedit” and press “ENTER”.
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  • Select Error 0x116-related key.
  • Go to the FILE menu and choose EXPORT.
  • Once you get into SAVE IN list select the folder you want to save.
  • In the file name box, type Windows Operating System Backup, be sure that the proper branch is selected.
  • SAVE it. The file will be saved with a .reg file extension.

Check for Viruses and Malware 

Get a good updated antivirus installed in your PC and perform a full deep system scan. If the problem occurs due to unexpected virus attack, it will be resolved.

Clean temporary Files

  • All start with START button, type command in the search box and hit
  • Press CRTL + SHIFT + ENTER
  • Click OK on the permission asked
  • Type cleanmgr and press ENTER
  • A folder will open with a file named Temp
  • Select all there and delete the files
  • It automatically finishes disk cleanup process.

Update PC Drivers

Check for the updates of PC drivers. If there is any update, download and install it quickly. Old drivers sometimes cause this problem in Windows PC. If this problem is associated with corrupted drivers then updating drivers will not fix it.

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  • Simply put the disc of drivers in CD or DVD ROM and run it.
  • Click on the REPAIR option and wait till it finishes all the things properly.
  • Reboot the system and you are done!

Run Windows File Checker

  • Open the command prompt using the steps mentioned in all the points above.
  • Type sfc/scannow and press ENTER.
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  • System may take a while to check all the settings.
  • Then follow the commands appears on screen.

Run Windows File Checker

  • Type “chkdsk /f” after opening command prompt and hit ENTER.
  • chkdsk” will begin scanning the hard disk corruption and will let you know within few moments.
  • Follow the on screen commands to solve the issues.

Check Windows Update and Install New Update 

  • Click the Start button and Type UPDATE in the search box.
  • A dialogue box will appear immediately.
  • Id updates are available click on the “Install Updates Now”.

So, these were a few methods to solve 0x00000116 error.  Drop in a comment and let us know whether they worked for you.


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